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“Oh, we’re halfway there…”

The packing up has belatedly started! As the last day of second term draws to a close, it’s time to say goodbye to Coventry and head home. With my parents very generously bringing the car up on Sunday to lug my stuff back, the effort to ensure the house is vaguely fit for habitation before we have to give it back to the landlord has begun. Things I’ve picked up over the year’s tenancy include the importance of sorting out your bills before you actually get there (having no internet for a week into term was somewhat annoying) and the mundane annoyance of having to do more than your share of the cleaning rota. Next year, I’ll be moving from the edge of campus into Coventry proper, with a Warwick Accommodation property conveniently next to the bus route. Until then, however, my stuff will be crammed into the loft.


Once I’m back, I’ll be looking to find things to do to distract from the upcoming results. The department website tells me results are ‘normally issued’ at the end of the second week of the hols, so it looks like I’ve a whole fortnight of anticipation. Last year, I got my results via an email which gave me the score for each module, so in two weeks’ time I’ll likely be sitting there desperately refreshing the page every few seconds. A 2.1 (60%) or better is required for me to stay on the MEng stream, so that’s the target to beat.

Once that’s out of the way, it’ll be time to start my 8 weeks at Mott Macdonald’s buildings division. I’m rather lucky to have been offered an internship at such a large company, especially after I had to rearrange the interview on the day after realising it wasn’t over the telephone after all! It’s all rather intimidating to be honest, but whatever happens I’m looking forward to gaining some experience of actual engineering work that should hold me in good stead for the future. After the relaxation of the post-exam weeks, I will have to train myself back into a sleep schedule before I can begin a proper 9-5, though!

Until next time,

Nathan L

P.S. – shoutout to those finding this blog having seen the link in the School of Engineering prospectus – congrats on working out ‘Engineering’ should really have 2 ‘e’s! Nice to see those tuition fees put to good use…

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