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Offer Holder Days

Hello everyone,

Over the last few weeks I have noticed the banner stretching across the entrance to the Gibbet Hill buildings, stating ‘Welcome to the School of Life Sciences’. This indicates that the Offer Holder Open Days are underway, as does the sightings of the rather nervous looking groups of students who are touring round the facilities! Therefore, I thought that this would be a good time to talk about these events that are designed to show prospective students what Warwick has to offer. These days are held on a Wednesday, and this is a time when most students have no timetabled classes (so they can participate in societies and sports), meaning that the site is less busy and prospective students can get a good look at the facilities.

I attended the offer holder day in 2016 in early February and I still remember it vividly. I found the event extremely useful as I left it knowing that I could see myself here, and was really excited to start studying here, and being able to concentrate on just Biological Sciences. The events always have a Park & Ride option available because parking on campus is limited, and the coach takes you to campus from Stoneleigh Agricultural Centre, just a short drive from campus. I had travelled from London so it was appreciated that the day started at the Gibbet Hill campus at 11am.

In groups, we were given a tour round the Life Sciences campus. I was very impressed by the facilities, particularly the laboratories, computer suite and the main lecture theatre, which are all in excellent condition. I remember how our guide referred to the computer suite as ‘The Orchard’ because of the room being filled with Apple Mac computers! I liked visiting the BioMed Grid, a study space that I frequently use, and it is well equipped with useful books to use for reference only. I also found out that there is a shuttle bus that goes from Gibbet Hill to main campus, even up until the early hours so it would be no problem studying there until it got dark.

The Director of Undergraduate Admissions gave an informative talk about studying Life Sciences at Warwick. He summarised the content and structure for all of the Life Sciences degree courses, mentioned the field trips including the Ecology trip to Pembrokeshire for Biological Sciences students in Year 2 and optional trips abroad; the varied teaching methods, classes and methods of assessment; and options to study a module from another department such as a Modern Foreign Language or Business module. His talk was followed by one by a current student at Warwick to give us a feel for studying at Warwick from a student perspective.

There was an informal buffet lunch in the Atrium where you had the opportunity to talk to current students, staff and fellow prospective students. This was followed by a tutorial meeting held in an academic’s office, with about 7 other students, in which we discussd out opinions and thoughts on a set topic. This did reflect what these group meetings are like, and in these meetings we usually discuss answers to worksheets, give a presentation, or get feedback on past work. After this, there were opportunities to go on tours of main campus, and I would say that this is definitely worth doing if you have not been to an Open Day.

I hope this has given you an idea as to what to expect from an event like this, and why it is such a valuable experience. Until next time!

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