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Offer Holder Days Explained

Congratulations to you on your offer! That’s fantastic, you must be so proud!!! Offer holder days are the one. I’ll let you into a little secret: I didn’t manage to attend the open day for Warwick so my presence at the OHD was vital. I can’t recommend going enough. Different to an open day, OHDs let you make a true decision as to where you’d like to spend your future.

The Day

When you book onto your OHD, you select which sessions you wish to attend so you can build your own personalised timetable. Just like at the open days, it’s important to bring you ticket with you so you can sign in and get given your special pack. Mine was a funky blue folder with highlighters, pens, information sheets and other stuff relevant to the day. Although various courses may do things in a fractionally different manner, I reckon the gist of the day is the same. At my OHD, I attended a few talks and participated in a tutorial. I didn’t understand a thing but don’t let that scare you! We also underwent a tour of the campus and got to check out a plethora of accommodation so if you didn’t make it to the open day, leave your worries behind. The day is much more structured than that of open days but there are still plenty of staff and students around to help you out, answer your questions and guide you. Being in a smaller group as well, enables you to see better what the university is like and to get a feel for the atmosphere on campus. You might also pluck up the courage to talk to potential course mates and see if anyone tickles your fancy because with any luck, you’ll be seeing them next year!

Making the most of it

As mentioned in my Open Days guide, I suggest making very brief notes if something is of interest to you. It is not essential, but it could come in handy if you haven’t quite worked out where you wish to end up yet. Students and staff are there to help, so unload any questions on your mind. The talk I personally found to be the most useful was the one explaining the content of my course and what to expect. Do not let this overwhelm you! I remember being terrified because I found out that Warwick was a research-based uni. and so expected to be thrown in the deep end without any guidance. No! That’s not at all the case and all this business about uni. being a huge step up is grossly exaggerated. You’ve practically made it through A Levels, haven’t you? I say, go to the day with an open mind and a light heart, enjoy it, scoff the free biscuits and come home in the same cheerful mood in which you set out. You have ages to make a final decision so for now sleep on whatever information you have learnt today and slowly begin to think about where you might like to study. I obviously recommend Warwick, but that’s a choice you have to make for yourself.

In the meantime, well done again on receiving your offer. If you have further questions or queries, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or check out the OHD FAQs on the Warwick website.

  • FifeDesi

    Hi! I read that Warwick would send me an email with a booking form for OHDs shortly after I got my offer. I received my offer on the 17th and haven’t gotten the form yet. When should I start panicking/contacting them about it?


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