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Offer Holder Days!!

Hi guys!


I don’t know about you, but these last few months have definitely been the busiest and most stressful for me at uni so far!

From many deadlines, ongoing projects and also trying to balance work with some form of a social life – February has gone by so fast!


One of my commitments this month has been helping out my department as a psychology ambassador at our offer holder days.

In some ways, I think that the offer holder day is more important than open days for potential new students as it is your first opportunity to experience what is actually involved in everyday life at university.


You’ll get a glimpse at a few mini lectures to introduce you to this new style of teaching and also a tour of the department that could be your base for the next three years.

For me, my offer holder day played a massive part in whether or not I chose Warwick.

I remember my train had been delayed and it hadn’t stopped raining for at least 12 hours, so if I’m perfectly honest I wasn’t looking forward to the event with total excitement.

But in a few hours, my mood had improved considerably as I learnt more and more about the department and Warwick as a whole.


Originally, I had been quite nervous about the prospect of studying psychology at degree level when I hadn’t studied it before, but the lecturers were very clear that it would make no difference and successfully reassured me that I wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. It was only by actually visiting Warwick and experiencing what it’s like to study here that I could picture myself thriving at this university!


So, I cannot stress how important the offer holder day and my main tip is probably the most obvious but – ask questions! No matter how silly or unimportant they sound, there is most definitely someone else wanting to know the answer!



If anyone does have any more questions about offer holder days or Warwick in general, feel free to ask them below!


Simran x

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