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Offer holder day – What’s it like?

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Time has flown, and already we’re at that time of the year when offer holder days are taking place! I for one, did not know what to expect when it was time for me to come to Warwick in March 2018, so I thought I’d share my experience! I study English Language and Linguistics (Centre for Applied Linguistics), so every day will differ depending on the department!


The first piece of advice would be to read any information from emails that you receive very carefully, and have a look on the Warwick website to see if additional information is there before coming  My event started in the afternoon, so I planned to arrive then. However, when I got there, I found out that there had been guided tours of the campus in the morning! Not having visited the university before, I would have really benefited from this, so please do attend this if you haven’t already come to an open day!

Also, bring a pen and a notebook for your own use, you never know what information you might want to jot down! Don’t spend the whole time making notes, though. Try and absorb everything you are told and just enjoy yourself. Try and keep asking yourself ‘can I see myself here?’

The basic structure of the day:

My day started off by lunch provided (which of course made a great first impression!). I came with my dad, so we sat and tucked in, sitting in tables with other offer holders and their parents. Various lecturers came around to chat, and made us feel very welcome! Then, we heard some introductory talks from lecturers.

Core elements of the course were explained, including assessment methods and compulsory modules that we would take in the upcoming years at Warwick. At first, I was not sure about some modules. Probably the most useful part of the day, however, was when my dad and I got chatting to some current students on my course. I asked questions about some of the modules (I was concerned that the modules were not varied enough) and was soon reassured that while the module descriptions sound fairly rigid, the actual content is much more than that and very interdisciplinary.

We also carried out some activities run by the lecturer to give a very brief insight into some of the content wed be covering. This was fun and we worked with others – it probably had more of a purpose of getting us to chat, and it worked!

At the end of the day, after telling a student that I hadn’t had a tour, she briefly showed me some main parts of Warwick such as the piazza. This was really useful.

Final thoughts:

For me, I liked what I saw of Warwick from the website. However, the offer holder day, and I stress that I am being completely honest, made up my decision to come here. Without it, I might not be at this university! I cannot stress the value of this day, so please try and make the most of it, do not be afraid of asking any questions. I felt so silly asking some of them, but the answers I received helped to reassure me!


Feel free to comment below if you have any further questions regarding my offer holder day experience!!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Abigail Booth | English Language and Linguistics with Intercalated year Contact Abigail

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