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Offer Holder Day Experience as a WBS Student Ambassador

For those of you who do not know, I am serving as the Student Ambassador for Warwick Business School. As a student Ambassadors for WBS, we help in conducting offer holder days, Information Sessions and generally represent WBS. The recent offer holder day conducted by Warwick Business School on 8th February was a pleasant break for me from my academics.

On the day, there was a group of enthusiastic prospective students and their parents who made the tour more interesting. The day began with a campus tour. Nathan (my co-ambassador) and I selected two halls to tour- Rootes and Bluebell. Showing around Rootes was a very comforting experience as I lived in the same hall last year. The common questions during the accomodation tours were regarding number of people to the kitchen and washrooms and most of the questions came from the parents.

Next, we showed our cohort some of the common places on campus such as the Library, WMG building and the sports centre. The particularly pleasing aspect for me remained that throughout the tours, Nathan lead the tours describing the buildings aloud. On the other hand, I followed the group and kept interacting with parents and students individually. In these interactions, some of the questions I remember being asked were Industrial Placement options for Accounting and Finance students, the option for students changing their degree once they are at Warwick and the number of Teaching hours in my course.

The general feeling of the group remained upbeat which calmed me & Nathan. Since we were restricted to a short time frame of 90 minutes, we soon had to call this tour over. We ushered the group to the Piazza and gave them the Lunch options on campus defining the typical cuisine offered by each restaurant.

With this, the campus tour was over. This was a delightful experience as I am genuinely passionate about conveying my experience at WBS. One positive aspect of this tour was also the ‘self-guided’ nature of it. This allowed the visitors the flexibility as one parent group also left us midway to visit a different residential hall. I will encourage any potential student reading this blog to definitely try attending one of the Open Days Warwick conducts before attending Uni to familiarize yourself with our amazing campus and its facilities.

This student ambassador role is a fun one as it helps me grow my network by meeting other ambassadors and also communicate my WBS experience to new people.

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