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Odd Study Spots On Campus

Not gonna lie, I get bored of studying in one place for too long, and quite frankly I sometimes feel like the library and learning grid are too mainstream for me. Let me enlighten you on some alternatives you may wish to try.

Westwood Cafe

While I haven’t actually studied there, I walked in the other day and went ‘wow’. The cheap chairs and tables have been replaced by gorgeous red enclosed sofas (similar to the ones found in Oculus) and most importantly, they were nearly all empty… something you could never usually find in Oculus. I always enjoy the friendly, sociable yet relaxed and fairly quiet atmosphere in there and one day I may actually try writing an essay or two in there.

SU Atrium

This is more of a warm and convenient place to spend a spare 20 mins rather than a 3 hour study sesh. It’s nice enough though and Rootes Grocery store is a 30 second walk away if you fancy a quick bite to eat.


My personal fave. It’s small but it’s such a pleasant environment where you always bump into people you know. If you can get a seat with a plug near it, you could easily spend a good few hours in here. Plus it has the cutest outside garden full of exotic wildlife (ducks and geese).

Outside Humanities Studio

Ok so this is a bit of an odd one. It’s the entrance hall/corridor before you go into the Humanities Studio and it’s magical. It consists of a sink, and one long sofa with a plug point. If you need large amount of floor space (like I did for an A1 poster once) it’s great if you can’t find an empty room – I mean I did get a few weird looks from people but hey ho who cares.


If you can find a spare room in this building they’re great for studying in, especially if you’re with other people. If you can’t find a room, there’s two lines of seats with plug sockets on the first floor looking out onto the large entrance hall. Nice enough for an hour’s break between lectures.

The Arts Centre

This is more of a classic than others on this list. Nevertheless apart from at lunch time, it’s never usually that busy and even if you can’t find a seat in the cafe area, head upstairs for an even quieter and more pleasant environment.

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