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November Headlines

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I still can’t believe how fast time flies at uni, we’re already halfway through the 1st term. October has been absolutely incredible, especially the last part of it as I celebrated my birthday on the 28th October. Shoutout to all my fellow Scorpios! November is quite a big month, in terms of deadlines, presentations, events to attend, lectures, seminars and that is why I have to share with you some of the things I have been doing/ will do the last month of autumn.

On the 3rd of November, I attended a sociology event at WBS’ 17th Floor at The Shard in London about a project entitled ‘Toxic Expertise’, which offers the first systematic sociological analysis of the global petrochemical industry in relation to corporate social responsibility and environmental justice. I do not know how many of you know of our business school’s 17th floor at the Shard, but as soon as I saw the event on my start.warwick account I knew instantly that I wanted to go. I will discuss more this event in another blog post as I feel it deserves an insight description.

On the 5th of November, on the bonfire night, the firework display will be set against the backdrop of the stunning Kenilworth castle ruins. Most Warwick students choose to go there as it is the closest venue offering the firework display. There will be lots of food stalls to keep hunger at bay and for sure it will be an amazing opportunity to get out of the house, taking a stroll and having fun with your friends.

On the 9th of November, I will attend the WSPA certificate collection ceremony because I have attended the workshops in my 1st year at Warwick and now it is the time to rethink about them and try to apply the skills we have developed further in our personal development. If you want to know more about WSPA and their workshops, you can find out more accessing this previous blog post:

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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