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Note for potential university students

Exam season is officially over for everyone! Most of the univeristy students have received their results and are ready for their next step in their lives. But some of you are going to have to wait for that date in August. Whether you get the choice of university or not there are some essential things you need to consider when preparing to go to university or even moving away from home to work…or whatever else you are up to. Basically, this is a student checklist when moving away from home.

  • Essential documents: Make sure your passport is in date and you check if you need insurance. Keep your national insurance number with you and NHS number, your name on a utility bill or some sort of letter head (this is normally used for verification purposes). All letters sent from your university (course acceptance, accommodation, student loan documents etc.). One thing that I did before I came was that I took passport photos, these are generally very useful to have at easy access, and it was useful because I had to give one to my department in the first week I arrived.
  • Standard student stuff: laptops, chargers, mouse, USB memory sticks, printer and ink, power extension cable, portable speakers- before a night out music always gets you into the mood, even just to play music with your friends listening parties are just as fun, TV- don’t forget that you will have to get a TV licence as well and a freeview or cable box, games console- brilliant for game nights with your friends and essentially saving money. Try and get a voice recorder for lectures- you can save them onto your phone but it takes a lot of memory and can be lost very easily, pens & paper etc, A3 paper was really useful when making mindmaps and flat notices. Get an academic diary you need to keep organised and work week by week.
  • Personal belongings: A bike always comes in handy, especially for campus universities. Pack of cards or generally any board games, Kitchen equipment & bedroom essentials (I’ll give a detailed list in another post).

The main point is that you should pack throughout your holiday. But it’s not the end of the world because you can always buy things once your get to university.

Enjoy summer guys. I’m back in London writing up my article. Will keep you updated.

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