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Not long before term starts

For anyone waiting for the term to start it’s 2 weeks today, not that I’m counting! Ok, so maybe I am. It feels like it’s been a really long summer for me and I’m really looking forward to the term starting. I know, I hear you saying that I’m weird or some other word like that, but I maybe sad or whatever, but that’s just how I’m feeling, plus I’ve changed some of my modules so I’ve been excited about that too.

For some of us ‘mature students’ who are parents the kids are back at school! I can here the sigh of relief that we don’t have to work out what to do with them every day as they are getting bored at home and some structure and routine is back in place. Faith has started fulltime preschool, so we are struggling with her tiredness and working our what time she needs to go to bed now, coupled with her being poorly over the weekend. This is a challenge and we have a little bit of a grumpy Faith at the moment. However, with this in mind it’s helping me to concentrate on my last year at university. I’ve been able to really start to get back into the swing of things again. I’ve start doing more reading around my dissertation and even met with my personal tutor. If you’re new to the Warwick University when you’re at university you’re given a personal tutor to help support you. I’ve spoken to my personal tutor about my dissertation, as I’ve recently changed what I want to do it on, so this time now is great because I have time to do some reading before term starts.

For some of you, maybe those who are starting the 2+2 course at a college, you maybe starting this week. Good luck if that is you and enjoy! Everyone will be feeling the same as you right now. Generally excitement crossed with nerves – who will be on the course with me, will I like them, will I get on with them ok, can I really do this. Believe me, this is normal; everyone is in the same boat. Be a sponge, soak everything you are told, take it in and take it all on board. Make sure you make time to read, listen to all those study skills suggestions; some will work for you but others won’t, take time to work out what works best for you and what time of day you learn / study best.

I think that every year there is a little bit of a daunting feeling, have I chosen the right modules, who will be on them, will I get on with the people, will I like the way the lecturers teach, will they be approachable enough if I need help etc…. This is normal for me, whether it is for you I don’t know. However, what I do know is that I have met some great people and never had an issue with a lecture not being approachable. Sometimes there are those last minute changes, where people change modules and that’s fine too. It’s important we chose the right modules for ourselves and not because our friends are doing them. I’ve found that doing the modules I want to do means that I enjoy them more and generally enjoy learning more about them and wanting to read around the subject.

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