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Not getting distracted

From a student’ point of view, I’m sure many of you can relate to this – getting distracted by anything and everything when it comes to revision. I was meant to get so much revision done last week and have ended up with two booklets completed. This probably seems like a lot (not when you have 19 of those.) I thought I’d share with you the things that end up distracting me from my studies.

YouTube is my number one distraction especially when I’m meant to be watching my lectures again, but then suddenly bump into a video on YouTube instead. Food – I have tried to study in the kitchen, however I only end up finishing eveything that’s left in the fridge. There are other things that completely throw my revision out of the window such as the notifications on my phone or social media in general, songs playing in the background as well as a messy room.

From this it can be seen that I have the concentration span of a 3-year-old. However, on a brighter note, this has helped me to change a few points about my studying pattern.

1. I have since started to go to the university library to study. The environment is very peaceful and helps you to feel motivated, because you see so many other people studying there. I always find the right materials here as well. These help me to understand lectures and do further reading.

2. I have ensured that I have a strict timetable with learning objectives set for each day. Surprisingly I stick to this and end up getting everything done that I planned to get done.

3. I put my phone on silent and away. If I don’t see any notifications on my phone or any social media apps, I won’t be tempted to use my phone.

4. I don’t take my laptop and use the university computers instead. With this I make sure I only use the lecture material rather than any non-education related webpages.

5. Using classical piano, violin or cello solos. Since there’s no lyrics, I don’t start humming the lyrics, and I also end up focusing on my work better.

6. When Term 3 starts, a couple of friends and me have decided to use the small study rooms that are available in the Rootes Building and the University House (we need to book these beforehand.) These rooms have a whiteboard and a computer. We can draw out mechanisms and practise this. We can also use the computers to get access to the lecture notes and go over topics that we have difficulties with.

I have already started to see these changes as effective. If you have any big issues with getting distracted, feel free to explore different ways that help you to maximise your revision. Also, whatever distracts you, try to comletely eliminate that during revision and when you’ve successfully studied what you aimed for, reward yourself with a chocolate or something that you like.

Hope this helps!


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