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Non-academic extra-curricular opportunities

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Much of what being at university is about revolves around the extra-curricular opportunities you can get involved in. I have already done a blog earlier this year on extra-curricular activities of a more academic nature but this blog will focus on the things you can do completely unrelated to your academic studies.


Sport is the obvious one and the thing which people spend a lot of time at university doing, whether that be on a casual or more serious basis. Warwick hold many ‘rock up and play’ sessions at a variety of different times all through the week which allows you to get involved in sports you are familiar with and also to try out new things. Personally, I am a bit of a football fanatic and so although I attend around three ‘rock up and play’ sessions every week, they are all 5-a-side football sessions – I probably should try something different for a change! And what is best about ‘rock up and play’ is that it’s completely free for students and allows you to meet new people. So whether it be an aerobics class or a lunchtime run, make sure you get involved in ‘rock up and play’ sessions at Warwick. I find they are the best way to relax and take a break from studying.


Something which I also enjoy doing when relaxing is attending the student cinema. If you become a member at the student cinema, you can watch a variety of films (some that have just been released this year as well as a few classics) for just a few pounds each time. The student cinema also allows some films to be completely free for members. So if you do enjoy films, get down to the student cinema as it’s a great way to get the proper cinema experience without the expense. Every year, there are also a few standout showings. This year there was the Harry Potter Marathon which ran all through the night and went on for nearly 24 hours – I was a dismal failure lasting only a few hours and then going off to bed…


There are so many societies to get involved in at Warwick so I would recommend that during freshers, put your name down for as many things as you like, go to the taster events, find out what you enjoy and then stick with a handful of those societies that really interest you. But I do think it’s really important to go to as many taster events as possible (which you don’t need membership for) as that gives you a flavour of what the society is about. Even if it’s something which you think you might not like, try it out and then decide rather than ruling things out straight away. If you end up ruling things out straight away, then you’ll find that you just stick to the things you are familiar with. Whether it’s the Quidditch Society or the Motorsport Society, there really is such a wide-range of things to try out which you probably won’t have had the chance to do as part of a society before. So get involved!


This has been relatively brief but I hope that, if anything, what you take away from this is that there are endless opportunities for extra-curricular activities at Warwick. It really is just a matter of how much time you want to invest but make sure you at least try out a few new things, whether that be a new sport or something else, as this is really what makes the university experience what it is.


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