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No More Lectures Any More?

I’ve just had a horrifying realisation – I’ve probably had my last ever actual lecture! With term 2 over most of my modules have finished; I only really have revision classes left to look forward to once I’m back from the Easter break. This term has been properly hectic, and hence my plans to get this blog back up and running have been slowly moving back and back… Hopefully, uploading this will placate the student blogger team who have been rather patient with me! Nonetheless I’ve made it through, and so what I’m going to talk about today is how I’m planning to use my roughly-a-month of Easter break.


 The first thing I have to take care of are some last few bits of coursework. I’m currently putting together a design portfolio of all the sketches and drawings I’ve done for my module Creative and Conceptual Structural Engineering Design, which is due in early next week. This has been one of the best modules I’ve had this year, and I’m planning a post next week where I talk all about what made it so enjoyable. To summarise, though, each week we’ve given a design brief to work at before we have to show off our solution to the group, getting feedback and criticism from each other and the lecturers. This has been really fun and has also helped me realise some areas of weakness – for example, I’ve realised that when compared to some others my sketches are pretty rubbish! It’s been a great learning experience though, which is why I’ll be talking about it some more once it’s all done and dusted.


 After that it’s the dreaded revision. The university will announce the provisional exam timetable next week (I think?), which usually gives a good idea of when the fun begins. I’m planning to stay at uni for most of the break because I find it difficult to focus on work at home, so soon my room will soon be covered with revision timetables, half-read textbooks and sheets of abandoned practice questions. I have five exams this year which is fewer than in my first couple of years, which is a surprisingly  comforting thought! There are definitely a couple of modules that I’m going to have to spend a good bit of time on, but unlike last year there aren’t any that are making my brain go, “Nope, let’s not look at that one for a bit!”  – I’m feeling a good bit less stressed than third year, for sure!


 You can’t just work, though, so I’m making sure to give myself a bit of time off too. The nice thing about the break is actually having the time to sit down and watch some telly! Now that it’s no longer dark at 6pm I’m getting out and about a bit more,  going for walks in the park and such when I feel like a bit of fresh air and a legstrech. Some of my friends are also around over Easter, and meeting up with them makes a good break from being productive. Overall I feel I have a pretty good balance of work and not-work to get me through the next few weeks. I’ll have to check back in at the end of the hols though – hopefully I’ll have kept to the plan!


 Until next time!


 Nathan L


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