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Nights Out!

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After recently touching on the more serious aspects of life at university I thought it was about time I wrote an entry on something EXTREMELY important about Uni life: nights out!

Being a first year who is still trying to get their head around life away from home can be an extremely daunting thing, even more so is the fact that you now have to learn about the nightlife in a whole new place. For me, learning where and when to go to certain places was extremely important because it definitely makes an impact on the quality of your nights out (whether you drink or not!)

So first of all, where is best to go on campus? The Dirty Duck and the Terrace Bar are the places everyone goes when you fancy a more relaxing night out and can’t be bothered to travel into Coventry or Leamington. The Dirty Duck will become your ‘local’ and the Terrace Bar is an extremely safe space to have a good night with good music but without the pressure of dancing for hours on end!

But what about ‘proper’ nights out? Coventry is certainly the closest place for a good night out, taking only about 15 minutes on the bus and the taxi home is super cheap. The main bar in Coventry is Kasbah which is best on a Monday or Friday (when the drinks are cheapest) and you can even buy a ticket for the UniExpress on a Monday too – this is a bus service which takes you to the club and picks you back up later when normal buses have stopped running. Coventry also has other bars and clubs which are great for a night out, like JJ’s.

Finally, my favourite place to go out: Leamington. Although Leamington is a bit further away (about 30 minutes by bus and a bit more expensive to return by taxi), it is definitely the best place to go out as it has so many different bars and clubs. Kelsey’s is the more relaxed bar which you’ll find in South Leamington, near to Neon (a livelier club – best on a Friday) and the Zephyr Lounge (the Indiecation event takes place here – perfect for lovers of Indie music). But the most popular nights out are Tuesday and Thursday at Smack in North Leamington: cheap drinks and UniExpress travel make for a great night out.

So there you go! All the best places to go on nights out on campus, in Coventry, and in Leamington.

Until next time, Beth.

PS. Leamington Fish Bar next to Smack is definitely worth a visit after a night out.

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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