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Nights Out at Warwick: Busting the Myths


I’ve seen many TikToks which slate the nightlife at Warwick and I think there is a huge outsider perspective which sees Warwick as this country University with no spirit to it. Let me tell you that couldn’t be further from the case. We’re within 20 minutes of three major cities Coventry, Leamington and Birmingham all of which have amazing nights out to offer. I’m going to run through just a few events I’ve been to this year as well as a rundown of some of the better clubs.  


Circling- By far the most unique part of the Warwick drinking culture. You sit in a huge circle, sometimes 50 strong and play drinking games. Nobody can teach you the rules, so you must pick them up as you go along meaning the more you go to circling the better, you’ll get. However, the first few times you go you’ll be lucky if you make it out! There will always be someone kind enough to help you home though. Different societies make different rules so you can choose how extreme you want it to be but no matter what it’s always a funny and memorable experience. While purple (cider, beer and blackcurrant) may be disgusting at first, you’ll soon grow to see it as an unmissable part of circle culture. 10/10     

Hall Wars- This was a fresher’s week activity which was so much fun. You represent your accommodation in various drinking games whether that be how long you could stay on a mechanical bull or playing huge games of beer pong it was a night to be remembered (well depending on how well you did).  It was very competitive and had a great atmosphere. 9/10 


Paint Party- There is no experience quite like being doused with paint. I was utterly covered to the point where I had people come up to me that I knew saying they barely recognised me. It was held at the student Union and was the last event before Christmas which really ended term with a bang. 10/10 

Bars- there are 3 main bars on site Varsity, Terrace Bar and the Dirty Duck and a few other less frequented ones. This means you’ll never be far from a reasonably(ish) priced drink. My personal favourite is Varsity because it feels like a proper English pub rather than just a bar, there’s a huge atmosphere. 10/10 


The going out schedule for the week: Monday– If you go anywhere but Kasbah on a Monday, you’re doing it wrong. There are £1 Jaeger bombs, free toast on exit, a heated outdoor area with its own bar and chicken nugget station, plus you get a choice between the indie room or more mainstream tunes. I have never had a bad experience there and it’s a good chance to meet Coventry students because most other nights out happen in Leamington 10/10 could not recommend enough 


Tuesday– This is Smack club day. There’s an upstairs for again more mainstream and throwback music whilst downstairs is more generally rap. You have to que more here, but it gets packed, so you’re bound to bump into loads of people and have a great night. 7/10 everyone loves it but I’m impatient don’t enjoy the ques or the shoving 


Wednesday– Pop! This takes place in the Student Union every week and is not to be missed. Disco Dave’s DJ set is legendary, and you can even catch it live during lockdown. 9/10 only because I usually spend half my weekly budget on purple. 

Thursday-Another day to visit Smack or if you prefer many societies go to Kelsey’s where you can sit on long tables and drink huge jugs of eliminator with your mates.   


Friday– Neon night. This place is incredibly decorated and is huge, it put the little hometown clubs I was used to, to shame. It’s based in Leamington Spa so you’ll likely get a bus there which is often the best part of the night because everyone on there will be a student and all sorts happens on the way. It’s also next to an amazing Kebab shop called Vialli’s which gets packed with Warwick students all the way out to the street where you’ll usually see a fleet of ubers along with that one person who’s put a traffic cone on their head. 8/10 solid night but big ques and drinks could be cheaper.  Alternatively, Kasbah is also available on a Friday.   

Saturday– Skool Dayz, this is not every week but when it does happen tickets sell out fast. Societies gather to circle and they all wear school style outfits to later enjoy music from our younger years. 10/10 always an interesting night. 

Sunday- Have a night in it can be just as fun!

So for everyone saying Warwick doesn’t have nightlife, you could go out every night of the week if you wanted to, especially with societies and they don’t have to be skilled ones you could join cocktail, win or gin soc. I went on a cocktail bar crawl and that’s one of my favourite memories from this year. It’s what you make it, so don’t overlook Warwick because you think it might not be social enough. Trust me you couldn’t be more wrong and if you disagree London is an hour away on the train so you could have a weekend blowout there or in Birmingham which is 20 minutes away.


Always remember though drink safely and there is no pressure to do so, you can still have an amazing social life if you don’t want to drink.   For example next year I plan to join Astronomy soc who do events like lazer tag and star gazing. 

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