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Nightlife at Warwick

“What’s the nightlife like?” is one of the questions I get asked most often during open days. Sure, Warwick doesn’t really match up to the likes of London and Newcastle in terms of clubbing, but I’ve found that the night life that Warwick has to offer suits me really well. There’s stuff happening most nights, but it’s not super intense all the time.


Kasbah is one of the clubs in Coventry that the UniExpress can take you to, and is one of my favourites, if only for the face-painting, cocktail bar and the burger stand! As well as having a main room there is also a great indie room, which hosts some major and local bands.


Smack is one of the main clubs in Leamington Spa, and is worth the trek up from South Leam, as long as you don’t mind braving the queue to get in! Smack has an upstairs area (my personal favourite) and a downstairs, but the queue for this is always super long, not to mention it being so warm once you’ve been let in. That being said, Smack is always a good night out, and if just going once a week isn’t going to cut it for you, it’s also open on Thursdays!


There’s only one place to be on a Wednesday night and that’s POP! This is Warwick SU’s flagship night, and is without a doubt my favourite night out. It’s the home of super cheesy 90s and 00s hits and our very own Disco Dave. It’s also preceded by a Warwick tradition- circling. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but societies sit in a circle and play drinking games until POP! starts, accompanied by purple, a Warwick speciality of Strongbow, Carlsberg, and blackcurrant cordial.


(Smack, see Tuesday!) Indie club night Keep the Faith has also been held on a Thursday, and is a less regular night organised by Warwick students. This is another one of my favourites- it always has a great theme and the music is something different from the standard chart hits you often find in clubs.


Friday nights are for Neon- another one of the main clubs in Leamington Spa, perfectly placed for a Vialli’s on the way home- or Kasbah. Neon has a downstairs area for club hits and an upstairs that plays more grime. Neon is often the end to many a bar crawl, since it’s in South Leam and near to the Old Library (RIP Jug and Jester).


Twice a term Warwick SU hosts ‘Skool Dayz’ which is an excuse to get dressed up in school uniform and dance to cheesy school disco hits. It’s also a favourite with societies, and an excuse to circle yet again. LuvBug is also a night held at Assembly on Saturdays that I’m yet to try out but I’ve heard good things.

And if clubbing isn’t your thing, Leamington is also home to so many pubs and bars (possibly my favourite thing about living here!). As well as the regular chains like Wetherspoons, Turtle Bay and Las Iguanas, there are also some great independent bars like Fizzy Moon, Leif, Altoria (which doubles up as a club) Bedford Street, House (another favourite- they give you shots of prosecco!!) Clink, and Duke, which you’ll be bound to visit on a bar crawl or two! And finally, Kelseys’. A firm student favourite, Kelsey’s is bar in South Leam that serves the infamous green eliminator.

However, it goes without saying that there isn’t pressure to drink on uni nights out. Societies try to be as accessible as possible, so won’t force you to take part in drinking games, and most bars have awesome non-alcoholic cocktails. Zou Bisou is also a super cute café in Leamington that is open until 10:30 at night, complete with free wifi and self-serve frozen yoghurt. Their brunch is also well worth a try! Hopefully this blog post will have given you some insight into Warwick’s nightlife whether you want to try eliminator or not!

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