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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2016 has started well for you! 2015 has been a crazy year, finishing my a levels and coming to uni. I hope you all have spent the time to reflect upon your last year and learnt from the valuable lessons and reminded the brilliant memories. Here’s a short and sweet list of my resolutions.

1. To only sleep for 8-10 hours! No more 12 hour sleeps and 2 hour naps during the day!

2. To eat more healthy, I’ve got a smoothie maker and I gotta use it! 5 a day keeps a freshers flu away.

3. To visit my personal tutor at least every 2 weeks. I’m a type of person that likes to track their progress and discuss targets.

4. To start my essays early! I have 4 weeks until my first essay is in, 2 weeks reading, 2 weeks writing. Ambitious but it needs to be done.

5. To do at least 1 hour of Greek language every day!

I think that would be a great challenge. Tell me yours! If you have any. Xxxx

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