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New Year…

During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
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Hello Everyone,

So, we are approaching the end of the first month of the year 2022, how does that make you feel?

The new year is an international tradition within many different ethnicities because it is formal to offer our best wishes…However, a new year can be an individual or personal approach as for example our birthday a wedding anniversary, or a personal celebration. Personally, I often wish a “Happy New Year” to a “birthday person” because it is in fact a new year for this person 😊. So, what does “New Year” mean to you?

I have stopped identifying myself to all national, advertising, or marketing messages “new year new you or let’s start this year with new resolutions”! However, I do like to reflect on the calendar month and what has been achieved and/or intended to…where to go next and how to move forward.

From there, and as a coaching student we could apply our “self-coaching” assessment based on the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Orientation, Option, Way forward) by, for example, using a vision board or trying something new or writing a journal, taking photos or taking on a new gym class and so on... I found that creativity is an extension of ourselves and that concentrating on our self can also be awarding in finding answers or simply in applying mindfulness in our daily lives and for our entourage.

So, let’s dive and give it a go and I will share some of my ideas for you 😊 :

  • Try something new – or something you always wanted to do but never did!
  • Take time for yourself and breath…
  • Say No when you need to
  • Enjoy the littles things
  • Appreciate what you have

And let’s not forget for those who are less patient: “Rome, Paris or London was not built in one day! “ 😊

On another note, I found it enjoyable to be back on campus for this new term. I also enjoy having some online lectures, I believe this is what you call the “the hybrid” system 😊. In addition, I very much enjoy the longer days and the sunshine even if it is cold, I think it is more bearable. What about you?

Before I conclude for today and as a mindfulness message for the beginning of this calendar year but also applicable to your “personal” calendar, let’s be patient but true to ourselves, take the time to enjoy but be organised with our priorities and deadlines. Explore what is new to you and the world around you.

 I would like to share a couple of pictures that I took from the Memorial Park in Coventry this month and back in November 2021:

Have a lovely week-end and week ahead 🙂

During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
Find out more about me Contact Cecile

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