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New Year, Same Me? (Mostly)

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Happy New Year!! It’s been 2 weeks since we entered 2019, and for me that means the second half of my year abroad and the first half of my final year. Being at home for the past few weeks have been a welcome change although I’ve definitely found myself missing Canada a lot more than I thought I would – and now I’m very happy to be back and stuck into work again!

With a new year often comes new year resolutions, and whilst I figure it isn’t always best to share ALL of the goals one has for the following year, a few that I’m focused on completing that are relevant to my uni life don’t hurt to be shared! 

My first goal is also likely going to be my biggest challenge this year, which is my 2 month trip across Canada, relying on trains and buses and public transport (I unfortunately am not old enough to hire a car so that’s been taken out of the equation). I’ve really started to plan my stops now, and it’s becoming much more real but I really can’t wait to do this. I’ve not travelled on my own for significant amounts of time (even my year abroad so far, I’ve not strayed far from Kingston since I am saving up for this trip!), so it’ll be something completely different but hopefully a way to grow more in confidence and also in other ways. This ties in to the idea of spending more time with myself too – I hit a goal this year of doing things by myself that I would have found awkward or strange, like going to the cinema or a restaurant, but I’ve really enjoyed the chance to do more with my time when friends aren’t around, and the time to think. 

I visited my first gallery alone – and got to see possibly the best exhibition I have ever seen! Pictured: The Anthropocene exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Of course, some goals are focused around fitness and health too (what would NYE be without a resolution to go to the gym?). I really want to be able to start taking the yoga classes offered at the ARC (Athletics and Recreation Centre) this year and continue that with the classes offered when I get back to Warwick in the Autumn. I know I lack the motivation to exercise if I don’t do it with people, so making the most of the classes is going to be my way of making sure I fulfil the 150 minutes of exercise a week that is recommended!

Finally, I really want to be able to nail down my organisation and self-motivation for work this year. I’ve managed to muddle through the first two years of uni without completely laying down strict personal deadlines, but I know that as I head into my dissertation I’m going to be relying a lot more on myself to make sure I hit the deadlines right. I’ve already found Canada to be helpful for that in the pure number of assignments I had last term (as many as in my entire second year of uni!), but really making sure I’m not doing last minute work is going to be high on my list (and any of my friends can tell you, that’s probably going to be the biggest step academically for me!)

A photo I took in Graffiti Alley in Toronto – travelling alone also meant learning to not be embarrassed about using the self timer on your camera (which, coincidentally, is a great device!)

What are some of your goals for the year? Let me know!

And of course, it feels like I haven’t written a blog since last year 😉



Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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