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New year resolutions

This year I’ve decided to try two new things: drawing/ sketching and learning Farsi (well, self teaching). I say drawing/ sketching because I am yet to discover what exactly I enjoy. I know I don’t really enjoy painting but I do like shading. At the same time, however, I don’t like paintings without colour. Not sure how this is going to work out since the only things that I draw nowadays is benzene rings, chair conformations (messed up so badly in the mock — they’re harder than they might seem!), and curly arrows.

Learning Farsi is a little odd decision but I just want to learn it. It just sounds really cool to me to be able to say that I know Farsi. I am looking at websites that I could possibly use and books (although they’re quite expensive) so if you have any advice, share in the comments section!

And of course, the lovely Goodreads ensures that I never forget about reading so this year’s reading challenge is to read 12 books again (except last year I read one extra so exceeded my challenge!). I am planning to read the three Jane Austen books that I haven’t read yet: Northanger Abbey, Emma and Mansfield Park. Currently, I’m reading Great Expectations but reading is going v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w. because of work. It is quite strange with reading that I cannot read any chemistry related books even though I love to read chemistry textbooks. I guess it might just be that I really like reading classics.

It is always good to have other passions in life. If I didn’t like writing poetry, or reading or blogging, life would have been very different and certainly not as colourful. And I have made so many friends due to my interests in these fields. Also it just feels nice being a science student but also into the art/craft and literature side of things. Now, I just hope these plans work out!

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