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New year resolutions

Unexpectedly 2021 was hard. As the rest of the population, I thought 2020 was the worst it can get but 2021 surprised me. Not only did it provide the illusion of this situation getting better, but it really took a dark turn at the end for me. That is why I will do everything in my power this year not to feel disappointed or as if I did not do enough. 

So here are my new year resolutions for 2022:

  • Be on top of my reading. 

During the last academic year, I was so excited to start this new and exciting chapter of my life I did everything I was asked of. I was on top of my reading, lectures. But Term 1 of this year wasn’t the best for me, I was struggling with the workload and balancing the new unknown reality of hybrid learning. Also, the fact that I had 5 modules did not help me (I really advise you only take 4 per term!)Therefore, in term 2 I will be more organised and read not only the essential readings but also the suggested chapters. This term I really want to get to know Linguistics through a new lens! I will let you know what I will find in future posts. 

  • Actually, have fun.

Again, because of the workload, I wasn’t able to enjoy myself academically or socially. This term I want to have it all figured out; I know it’s a bit a lot to ask for. But the social and academic balance is really what I want to accomplish this year. Additionally, I really think harmony is what everyone needs in their life right now.

  • Keep a journal. 

Never have I thought I am a journaling type of girl, however, after starting to write here, I realised I have a lot of different thoughts with which I don’t always want to share with others. So, a couple of days ago I thought about writing them down and I really liked it. I felt at ease after filling out 3 pages of my notebook. As it has helped me to realise some stuff about myself, I want to keep doing it. Also, it helped me with my screen time, which after the Christmas break got a bit higher. Because we are currently spending most of the time before our lovely screens, I think it is really good to change what we are looking at from time to time. 

  • Be bold and don’t apologise for it. 

Lastly, I want to stop being afraid to show the real me. I know, I know it sounds cheesy, but being confident and sure about yourself and what you want helps not only in socializing but also in being happier internally. 

To sum up, I think we just need to embrace who we have become recently, stop apologising to others and just try to be happy. As even the small things you do for yourself matter. 

What are your new year resolutions? 

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