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New Year Resolutions?

Jane Chan
Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

Disclaimer: this blog entry may seem rather incoherent as this is a compilation of thoughts and reflection between midnight and 6 in the morning before I caught a flight. (Updated: and the following day)

0112 (30 December)

Right now, I’m sitting at McDonald’s in the centre of Coventry waiting for my National Express coach to Stansted Airport where I will be jetting off to Munich in less than 6 hours.

Usually around this time of the year (days between Boxing Day and New Year), people like to set new goals and new year resolutions based on their weaknesses, things they’d like to improve on in the following year or flaws they see in themselves when compared to others. But little do we remember that reflecting on our improvements we’ve made in the past year, especially those biggest improvements and proud achievements, is equally important as setting targets. In my opinion, recognizing one’s achievements is equally important in figuring out one’s weaknesses and try to work on them. Also, I don’t really like the idea of “new year resolutions”. Why do you have to start making a change in new year but not now when you first realise the problem or improvements that you can make? Why waste your time and wait till new year? Ok, off to catch my coach now. Ttyl. (told you this is going to be pretty random blog haha)


Only slept for 2 hours on the coach but surprisingly I don’t feel exhausted at all, probably because I’m too excited about seeing my friend in Munich haha. Currently sitting in the waiting hall waiting for the boarding gate of my flight to be announced. Wandered around the shops for a bit and started reading this book called “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie on my kindle. I only walked around the shops very briefly because 1) I missed my flight once because I was enjoying way too much just window shopping and alcohol shopping in the duty free hall last Christmas so I’m going to prevent that from happening again and 2) it prevents me from spending on unnecessary items such as a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort headphones (they’re really really pricey jeez!) and a pair of earrings given I already have a jewellery box full of earrings that I seldom wear. As one of my life-time goals (I guess), I want to be more on top of my financial management. I am quite good with budgeting myself in terms of weekly expenses on grocery, but when it comes to shopping on clothes, headphones, etc., there’s still room for improvement. Another thing I want to do more and am consistently pushing myself to stick to it is read more and go on social media on my phone less during my free time. Ok, it’s 0555 now, time to head over to my boarding gate. Can’t believe the next time I’ll be typing on this laptop writing this blog entry I’ll be in another country AND a different time zone. That’s kinda amazing haha (yea, I get hyped about anything, maybe that’s why I don’t usually sleep much whilst travelling cos my brain is always subconsciously thinking about where to go and where to eat and drink the next day haha)

0924 (31 December)

Good morning from Munich! The sun is shining, and the birds are singing, the sky is blue😊 I was really tired after doing some sightseeing in the town centre and climbing 300 steps to look at the panoramic view of Munich at St Peter’s Church so I was sound asleep by 10.30pm. Anyway, I’m currently sitting in my friend’s study (oh yes, I’m staying at my friend’s house for 2 nights) with my interview notes in front of me because I was preparing for the video interview that I intended to complete this morning before heading out until it said there was a technical error detected in starting the video interview, so that was a bit frustrating. On the other hand, I’m somehow glad that this happened as it means I’ll potentially get an extension till the 2 at least (when businesses resume after New Year) so this will give me a bit more time to prepare for it. This is actually not the first time that I encountered technical problems in completing my video interviews, in fact, it happened every single time I was invited to do a video interview. A lesson I’ve learnt from it is not to leave it till last minute. Imagine, if they don’t offer me an extension this time unlike what the other two companies did previously, I am throwing away an opportunity, a pretty expensive one as well, given the time and effort that has been put into complete the previous stages in the application process. So another change I want to make is better time management, way better time management actually.

It’s 0949 now, time to get ready and head out to Munich centre again. Our plan for today is to visit an art gallery (it’s very difficult to remember names of places when it’s in a foreign language), a castle and English Garden before I head home and get ready for tonight’s NYE party. (woop woop)

So I’m going to sign off now. Wishing everyone a happy and remarkable new year ahead! I’ll see you next year!


Jane Chan
Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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