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New Year, New Term!

Hi everyone I hope that you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! 4 weeks off was just the right amount of time to spend with your families but I’m sure most of you were itching to get back to university.

So I will just recap over a few things that happened before I left for Christmas break. I went to the Paint Party on the 11th of January which was by far the best event that I went to throughout term 1. The atmosphere was incredible because everybody was pumped for christmas and decided to end term 1 with a bang! I was half expecting to go to the party and not get drenched in paint because I assumed there wouldn’t be a lot of it. I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong in my entire life! I came back to the flat absolutely covered in paint from head to toe. It was absolutely incredible. The music was brilliant, me and my friends managed to make it to the front of the Copper Rooms where we received the most paint. The crowd was so alive I wish that the paint party was on evrey week… it was that good!

I also had quite a few formative essays that I had to hand in before the Christmas break. For those of you who are unsure of what a formative essay is, they are not compulsory essays, but they are definitely worth doing because they give you the practice of understanding how essays are structured at university. The essay structure is very different to that of college so it was well worth getting to grips with it before the end of term 1. Also, the marks that you receive for your essays provides you with an idea of how well you are doing at university, which thankfully showed I was doing quite well. I received a few 2:1’s and a 2:2 which for first term I was ecstatic about! Another positive thing about doing these essays, is they can be used for your summative essays that are due in January. For example, the module Race and the Making of the Modern World (a really interesting topic by the way), if approved by your seminar leader, you can use the same essay question for your summative assessment (summative assessments being the essays that are marked and count towards your final mark). So my formative essay was 1000 words whereas the summative is 2000 words so you can use the same materials in your first essay, re-word it and add on information. I have to say my essay experience has so far not been as daunting as I thought it would be! Definitely do not leave your essays to the last minute because you will panic and stress out, which you can avoid by planning in advance.

So now that I am back at university, my timetable has changed for term 2. I am now studying the modules Sociology of Gender, Understanding Social Research and Digital Data and Communication. All of which I have found to be really interesting, espiecially Gender. It is nice to have some fresh information and different modules for term 2 as it keeps the subject interesting (not that it isn’t interesting already). I definitely recommend anybody who is thinking of doing Sociology at Warwick to take up the Gender module it is amazing so far.

So that is all I have for this blog I will keep you all updated soon on more events happening at uni and my further experiences here at Warwick 🙂

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