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New Year, New Term, New Me! (well sort of)

It’s 2016! For me, 2015 was such whirlwind of a year, not least because it was the year I started university! I found my first term a lot harder than I expected to, but nevertheless had time. There is definitely room for improvement in certain areas though, that will hopefully make Term 2 even better than Term 1!

Fish fingers, spaghetti bolognaise, omelettes and toasties; they may not be the most nutritious of meals but that didn’t stop me living off them last term! Being quick, cheap and easy makes them fab student meals, and ideal when coming in from a late night lecture. However, by the end of the term, I was really starting to crave Mum’s home cooked food. So next term, I am going to try and be a bit more adventurous with my recipes, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and limit myself to fish fingers at most once a fortnight (well a girl can try!) Look out for new recipes in future blog posts!

The way Warwick organises students within accommodation blocks is great, because they try and match people up through the short bio that everyone submits when applying for accommodation. For me, I really seem to have hit the flatmate jackpot, since although everyone is very different, we all get on so well! Next year though we are not all living together, and although we’ll definitely keep in touch, recently I’ve realised how much I’ll miss living with them all! It’s so nice to always have someone around to chat to, and so I’m definitely going to take more time to spend with everyone before we go our separate ways.

One of my favourite things about Warwick is how there always seem to be a charity campaign going on somewhere on campus! It’s so inspiring to see students giving time and money to good causes, and these events really do change lives. I tapped (as in the dance) as part of Warwick UNICEF on Campus FAST 24 event, where students didn’t eat for 24 hours, and they managed to raise an incredible £8,598.72, which will help combat child hunger in Yemen. If next term I could get involved in a charity event myself, whether it be fundraising or participating in a campaign, I would know that I’ve made a real difference somewhere.

I can’t wait to get back to uni and put my new term resolutions into practice, and I’ll certainly keep you all updated with how I cope with fewer fish finger sandwiches……

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