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New year, new resolutions!

Welcome to 2022, Happy new year!

It’s that time of year again where everyone seems to be thinking about what their resolutions for the new year are. As someone who does love a bucket list, and setting targets for myself, I’m no different. I always try to have a mixture of things. Goals I’ve had in the past that I keep. Some goals I’ve had but never quite achieved so I can have one more try. New targets based off what I’m doing now. Not just having academic goals, or personal targets. Plus, I like to find quotes or statements about how I want to try and live my life.

So, here’s this year’s list so far.

  • Going to feedback sessions for assignments.

This is something I found really useful last year as well, and has helped give me clearer ways to improve my work for the future.

  • Keeping a good balance of my academic and social schedules.

You never realise how much time you want until you have to prioritise things, and have work to be done. It’s easy to let things take over, but I want to make sure I have enough time (and energy) to give my best for all that I do.

  • To finally sort out referencing, and citations while writing essays.

It’s something that I have found confusing in the past, but I’ve steadily been making progress. Things like the department style guide have been great for this, as well as feedback forms.

  • Trying something new, as it may work out well.

While starting something new can be scary, it does have its rewards. Whether it’s something big like joining a new society, or small like trying a new recipe, the reward may well be worth the risk. Plus, the feeling of pride, and the knowledge of what it was like afterwards will almost certainly be worth it!

  • Dream Big, Work Hard, Make It Happen!

For me, this is about finding opportunities, being brave enough to go for them, and pushing myself. In the past I’ve talked myself down, talked myself out of things I’ve wanted because I was too scared. Or, I haven’t worked hard enough and it’s showed. So, this year I go for it.

  • ‘The only person you should ever compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday’.

This is something someone taught me at an aerial class. We’re all at different stages of our journeys, we’ve all had different experiences. The only person like you, is you. So it’s about just focussing on your own path, to make yourself better than who you were the day before.

I know that normally people say that their new year’s resolutions are something that they will stick to for the whole year, and that they will stick with them for the whole year. Truthfully, I know that just isn’t who I am. I may change my list depending on what I’m doing, I may add to it, I may replace stuff when I complete it, or I may just forget something entirely. The whole goal of the year is to change, to become a better version of the person that I am, and I encourage you to do the same. Whether it be a new term, a new academic year, a new adventure or just a new calendar year, it’s a perfect opportunity to review everything, and see how you want to embrace the future.

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