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New Year, New Me

So here we go again: it’s that time of year when we all start posting about how we’re going to become a new, improved version of our former selves. We hit the gym, we start eating rabbit food and delete our ex’s number so we can’t drunk call them on nights out (well, after the NYE party, I don’t think either of you want to talk to each other ever again). Most of the time when we talk about a ‘new year, new me’, we are more often that not cynical about someone’s new year’s resolutions. They’ve been tried and tested – those diet plans only last a few weeks until you drive past a McDonalds and can’t resist the smell of grease and need that Double Cheeseburger minus the gherkins. We are used to disappointment and we tend to mock those who still live their vie en rose and aim to change their lives for the better. “Ha! How long do you think they’ll last?” we’d mockingly sneek, as we sit on our couches not even attempting to make a positive change in our lives. However, we don’t have to change into these post-Christmas grinches. We should embrace change, and realise that we are constantly changing and evolving. We know more now than we did a year ago. Having a new year’s resolutions just means someone is setting their life in a positive direction and pushing themselves to evolve faster than they already are. At Warwick, there are a numerous activities and societies available which are great fun, and easy to get involved in. Want to try Cheerleading? Go for the try-outs, babe. Want to challenge your brain and try Chess Club? Go play chess, mate. (Pun, definitely intended). Not only that, but there are people out there whose job it is to help you achieve those goals that you set yourself on January 1st. I can understand how buying a gym membership may seem a daunting commitment, however just going to the gym on campus and making enquiries about their Gold Memberships can be the first step on the way to a new, healthy lifestyle for you. If your physical health is fine but your mental health is what you wish to focus on, there is always the Nightline available for students, run by students, which is a free service open 9pm-9am. So, we’ve established that resolutions are a good thing. But the real issue at heart is the fact that few have the motivation to start something new any other time of the year. Why does it have to be January 1st for you to try something new? Is the start of a calendar month really the final push to get you to do something? Of course it’s not and of course it shouldn’t be. The Old You is just trying to procrastinate by telling your brain that you can’t have any new resolutions any time of the year and you have to wait until that self proclaimed ‘special date’. However, there is a New You out there, with great hopes and dreams. New You doesn’t want you to be dragged down by a mundane routine which isn’t challenging Present You. University is a time for one to grow as an individual. It is a time for experimenting with different things so that you’re able to come out of university a more well-rounded individual than you were when you were a little 18 year old who supposedly knew it all back then. If you’re not going to try out Bollywood Dance Society now, when will you ever? So go on, challenge yourself right now to try something new. Live in the now and keep on focusing on your goals.

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