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New Year, New Me: The Future

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With only a few hours to go, it’s time for the second half of the look into final year – the future! From my first exam here at Warwick in 2.5 years, to graduation and taking the steps into the unknown (gosh, that sounds rather dramatic), it’s going to be packed.

In terms of academics, I have 3 deadlines in January including one exam, that is looming in the not so far future (less than a week to go), and two essays. I’ve been trying to manage my time better with assignments but it hasn’t always gone to plan. This is something I’m wanting to change with my dissertation alongside these assignments, and is one of my attempts at a New Years resolution. Being able to manage time better is something that will be undoubtedly useful in the future for both further education and the workplace, and is something that I would love to master. Not only this but I start three new modules this term, including one in the IATL (Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning) department, on genetics. We’ve already had reading and assignments to do and it sounds like an engaging and interesting module. I wanted to challenge myself with not only an out of department module, but one with a varied assessment schedule and type, which I think this covers. I’ll keep you updated on how that is going, but i can’t wait to get started! This being my last undergrad academic term at Warwick is both scary and exciting (I’m not counting term 3 with exams as the feature here); I need to start looking at possible jobs and masters programs, but i don’t want to compromise my grades over this!

Ice hockey in Canada!

Elsewise, I am planning more new adventures and trips for the coming year too. I want to take the time to try new things in Coventry – including going to watch my first EIHL (Elite Ice Hockey League) game with the Coventry Blaze, and taking the time to explore more off of campus with friends and alone! This year also holds more quidditch and hockey tournaments in them, including a possible trip to Italy for the European Quidditch Cup (all things boding well at tournaments in a month or so!). Being able to have fun with friends as well as focus academically will be key, and I’m hoping Easter will include a short trip back to Canada to visit again – my December trip was a lot of fun and I’m excited to start planning!

Other than this, I’ve been trying to think about how I can spend my time more productively. I want to increase the amount I’m cooking; trying to make one new meal a week and experiment is something I am hoping to make time for. Cooking is something I haven’t made the time to try before, but I’m hoping it’ll be something enriching and relaxing.

With that, I hope you really do have a wonderful new year, and I cannot wait to blog more about final year and graduation in the coming months!


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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