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New year, new me

This is a phrase we begin to a lot at this time of the year. Whether this is in regards to studying or in relation to joining the gym. I personally say this every year and then never follow through but this year I think it’s a phrase that’s important to follow through with. It’s been a tough year for everyone and I think this phrase couldn’t be more right. I say we change it to ‘new year, new us’.

We’ve spent the last few months at university/school, studying in circumstances that we’ve never been in before. The first term is usually one where you begin to settle in and start the foundations of the modules but term two is when it becomes serious (at least for me). The content becomes harder. Summative/formative assessments begin. Term three is near.

Although Christmas is the time to relax and rejuvenate – it’s also the time to get your notes in order and catch up on anything you have missed. I thought I’d share what I do over the Christmas holidays to make sure I’m not behind in the new year and I have time to complete all of my summative assessments.

This year, I have two summative assessments and lecture notes to go over and summarize. We have four weeks off for Christmas so I split my time up. This year I decided to do ‘a little a lot’ rather than the other way around. I spent a few hours every day of the first week writing my essay and a few hours every day of the second week writing my second essay. That left me with two weeks. I will take a few days off for Christmas, new year and my birthday alongside some other days when I just wanted to chill. This meant that I have around a week left to summarize my notes. This shouldn’t take too much time as 3 of my modules have finished and I will have submitted my assessments for them. This only leaves me with one module. This should only take me three/four days to go through and make them nicer modules.

This is just what works for me but I can wholeheartedly say sticking to a schedule doesn’t work for me. It may be that it takes me longer than a week to write an assessment or less than a week. My biggest recommendation would be relaxing and do things as they come along. It’s been a difficult year and we all deserve a well-rested break.


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