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New Year, New Challenges

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I am now a 2nd Year Language, Culture and Communication student and after my first full week of lectures, I can now tell you the plans and expectations of my year referring to courses, assignments and future planning for next year.

Last year we had a course called RAPS(Research, Academic and Professional Skills) where we learned more about the field of research and broad contexts, but this year it is more specific, focusing only on Qualitative Research. Another compulsory module is Linguistics: Acquisition and Use, where we acquire more information about the field of linguistics and second language learning and the 3rd compulsory module is Culture and Interpersonal Relations, which focuses on recognizing the communication misunderstandings that sometimes occur due to different backgrounds, social attitudes and linguistic and non-linguistic behaviour.

The language module which last year was compulsory, this year is optional. You can either drop the language entirely and choose from 30 different other modules. from Bussiness School to Sociology, to Psychology, Theatre, or you can choose to continue studying the language from last year, or start a new one from Beginners level. I chose to continue studying Russian, and as last year I managed to do the Accelerated module, two years into one, acquiring A2 level at the end, this year I am studying Russian 3, which will definitely be even more challenging.

As my last optional module I chose one from my department of Applied Linguistics entitled "Intercultural Business Communication" and this will be a really interesting module as next year I want to apply for a 12 month placement programme and this module aims to describe how culture affects the way we do business.

All in all I am extremely content with my choices and I can not wait to dig in all the assignments and duties of my 2nd Year at Warwick University.

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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