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New to 2+2 / Centre for Lifelong Learning

I’m guessing for new students who might be starting out on their journey on the 2+2 course at one of the colleges in October 2016, you maybe waiting for confirmation of your place on the course or you maybe wondering what have I let myself in for, or you maybe eagerly waiting for October to come around. Either way enjoy your time resting.

I remember my first year pretty well, I attended City College Coventry and our Tutor Alan Blundy was great at making sure people had all the information they needed when starting. When I found out I had to do a module on politics I really had no idea what it would entail, so I went and brought the Dummy’s book of British Politics and read most of it before starting the course. I also did the same for sociology. This helped me tremendously. My advice to any new starters would be to buy a similar book and have a read now before you start at college.

One thing I would definitely suggest is making sure you have sorted out your student finance, even if you haven’t had you acceptance offer yet, you don’t want to start the academic year with it not in place.

I know some of you maybe feeling nervous about who you might meet and what it’s really going to be like starting on your degree, especially for those who haven’t studied in a long time. Please don’t worry; everyone will be in the same boat. There is plenty of support at the college and via the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL). You will have study skills sessions and the university have a wide range of computer courses you can go on as soon as you are enrolled at the university. If you are unsure of any computer packages have a talk to them. You will need to know how to use emails, the Internet, Microsoft word and PowerPoint. Don’t worry though if right now that seems scary, the first year for me was a massive learning experience and you will not be alone.

Also, there were times in my first year where I wanted to give up and kept telling myself I couldn’t do it, preserve! As long as you put in the effort and make sure you read you will be able to do it. It can be a massive challenge for ‘mature students’ to go back into education, but it is achievable.

Also you have the opportunity to go to the freshers fairs at Warwick University, make the most of these, grab your freebies and explore the university. Find where the library is, as soon as you are enrolled you can take books out of the library. Find the CLL common room, in the social studies buiding and the best places to have a drink or some food, there are plenty of food outlets and coffee shops on campus.

If you want to ask me anything, please feel free to comment on this blog and I will do my best to answer your questions. You are not alone on this new journey, there are plenty of people who will help and advise you but most of all have fun and enjoy it. You’ll meet some amazing people on your new journey.

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