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New Term Resolutions

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Now that it’s 2020 it means that it’s almost time to go back to uni, which I’m really looking forward to – I’ve missed uni life. Term 1 was great, but once I’m back at Warwick I will be trying to make a few changes for term 2 to make it even better.  

1- Make a meal plan: Last term, I found that I was in the supermarket a lot more than I wanted to be because each time I went there I was only buying a couple of things. Next term I’ll make a meal plan so I can buy everything I need before I need it.  

2- Set (and try to stick to) a regular sleep schedule: I work best in the morning, so I try to be ready to do work for 9am. However, my irregular sleep/wake schedule in term 1 meant that getting out of bed to do the reading was sometimes harder than it should have been.   

3- Stay on top of course reading: Over Christmas I’ve done some reading ahead so my time at uni can be more focused on my assignments that are due in the first part of the term. I’d really like to try and stay a bit ahead of the reading during the term so I can be less stressed about leaving it until the last minute and have more free time.  

4- Go to every pub quiz of the term: My flat go to the Dirty Duck pub quiz every week, which I love taking part in, but I missed a few of them last term. This term, I’m going to make an effort to go to all of them.  

5- Stay in regular contact my friends from home: Moving to university was such a big change for me and my home friendship group as we all went to different universities. The first term was so busy that we didn’t stay in contact very well, and when we met up over the holiday I realised how much I’d missed talking to them regularly. I’ll make an effort to send a message to see how they’re doing this term.   

These are quite small changes, but I’m hoping it’ll make the term run smoothly and give me the most time to study and have fun at university as possible.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Kiera Evans | Postgraduate History (Modern) Contact Kiera

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