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New Academic Year fast approaching

This morning is Faith’s first day at preschool; she was so excited and ran into the room this morning to talk to her new teacher. It was nice to see. With Faith now at full time nursery I am focusing on my final year of the 2+2 degree. I’ve decided to change my focus for my dissertation, so I have a bit of reading to do; as well as this I’ve changed my mind of some of my modules. I’m going to be going up to the library in the next few days to get some books and find some journal articles to read. It’s best to get a head a little bit while I have time to do so, without lectures and seminars.

With the new academic year fast approaching I’ve also decided to try and organise my time better for this year. I also want to look at getting fitter and loosing a bit of weight. So with Faith at preschool I thought this was the best time to start planning things. I’ve got myself a student academic diary to help me plan my days. I roughly know when my lectures and seminars are going to be so I can look at fitting everything else around these.

I’m still doing my voluntary work too. If you know what you want to do when leaving university, it would be a good idea to try and get into some voluntary work around that area, it will look great on your CV, if you still don’t know what you want to do get along to the students careers service at the university. They are very helpful and will discuss ideas with you or talk to you about further study if it’s needed.

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