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Never Too Early to Start the Celebration

So we’re into the final few weeks of term one and of course, that can only mean one thing. Everybody’s looking forward to Christmas and the holidays that accompany it.

But, let’s face it, who’s telling you it’s too early to start celebrating already?

One of the things I love about uni finishing in the first weeks of December is that it means I get two run ups to Christmas. November has to become the month for festive events at uni and in the student house and then I’ve still got December to look forward to at home.

Therefore, it seems only fitting that this post should be dedicated to some suggestions of the best way to build that wave of festive joy around your flat and get everybody through the final weeks and to the joy of the holidays to come.


Deck the Halls

It was such an easy pun that I couldn’t not start with it really.

Student halls don’t have to be bland and lifeless and it’s never easier to add a touch of cheer than at Christmas. In my first year flat, all we ended up with was a bit of tinsel on the front door and a bit more in the kitchen (well away from the oven of course) but the difference that just that little touch of decoration made was extraordinary. 

That was in our communal spaces but then I was also quite keen to decorate my room so I set about putting up lights and grabbing a couple of small decorations from home just to sit around my room. I had a Santa doorstop which end up standing on my desk and, of course, an advent calendar is always a must once we hit December. 


Christmas Dinner

Even if no one in your flat can cook, nothing says Christmas more than all sharing a meal together with crackers, the Christmas music blaring, awful jumpers and mince pies if you can still find the space afterwards. 

Ours last year became a very last minute affair but it is still one of my best memories from the whole year. I remember everyone being stressed that week but we were still all able to put aside our work for a while and enjoy some time together. Even the group trip down to Tesco’s to get the supplies can be part of the event so now’s the time to get the conversation going and make sure you’re all around one weekend to enjoy a festive meal.


Secret Santa

This doesn’t have to be an expensive event but it can still be a lot of fun and it goes very well with Christmas Dinner.

I’m sure you all know how it works so I won’t bore anyone with the details but my advice at university would be to keep it cheap. Consider the fact that by the end of this term, some people might not be feeling quite so comfortable financially but even sharing five pound gifts can be a laugh.

This can also be a great way to prove how much you’ve gotten to know each other in your student accommodation over the past few months (or an opportunity to find out more) so get it organised now and go and find that novelty gift that really shows how you’ve come together as a flat.


Christmas Films

In my opinion, there’s only one way for Christmas to start in earnest. Everyone has to sit down and enjoy the Christmas classic that is, Die Hard. 

Whatever your favourite Christmas film, it can be another great way to get everyone in the mood to just enjoy the simple, relaxing break of sitting down and doing nothing for a couple of hours. I’d even suggest it as a way to make your study time more effective. You always need a break every now and then and Christmas films will undoubtedly lift your spirits and get you ready to push on through your assignments.


If all else fails, you can just sing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs until your flat mates are all begging you to stop. One of my friends told me that he had even had a Christmas karaoke night with his flat. I can’t say that I’ve ever tried it but that just goes to show that everyone has their traditions. So why not bring your traditions with you onto campus but always be ready and open to adapting them to create brand new traditions with you flat!

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