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Networking Drinks

It’s 21:50 and I’ve just bordered a train from London Marylebone, back to Leamington, after a great night at Grant Thornton’s office in Finsbury square. This summer I will be interning at GT for six weeks in the Real Estate Tax team. So this afternoon I donned my suit, shined my shoes, youtubed how to tie a Windsor knot and headed for the bright lights. Tonight was a short presentation and a “networking” event to get to know my team and those I will be working alongside this summer.

I was initially really worried about tonight. First of all I had to be an adult; which I’m not going to lie, I’m no expert at. But my main concern was what would everyone be like? Is that London “dog eat dog” stereotype a reality? Thankfully, it isn’t. Everyone was so down to earth and accommodating. Most of them being recent grads themselves, they knew the general feeling and not once did I feel awkward or have no-one to talk to. The thing that really stood out was that an associate partner Louise (basically very high up) did the presentation and then approached me to have a chat. To have someone that high up take an interest in me really shows what type of firm that GT are and it comforts me to know that’s what I’m getting into.

As soon as I arrived the recruitment team, Janet and Claudia, immediately approached me and were so welcoming. When there are 30 people starting at a firm, yet they know everyone’s name, you do feel so much more comfortable and you feel part of the firm – not just a number. As for my team; I had met Izzy at my assessment centre where she genuinely got bombarded by all us candidates over breakfast; so I hadn’t had a real chat with her. So I finally did and she is lovely. She interned prior to starting there and told me all about what I will be getting up to during my internship. I then met Marco who joined GT when Izzy did and we got on great.

After the event, Marco, Izzy and I didn’t really want to leave, so we went for a quick drink in Bar One across the road and then caught the tube, before jumping on this train. After originally being so nervous, I’m now so excited for summer. Don’t get me wrong I love MORSE and its challenges but working life excites me too. I’ve been drawn in by the purple logo of GT and the buzz of London. Roll on summer.

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