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Nearly over the hill of exams!

I can’t believe that second year is nearly over! Time has absolutely flown by this year probably because for me it has been the best year of university so far. I’ve absolutely loved living in Leamington it’s been so great, just being able to go out clubbing and not have to get the bus back to campus and to have loads of places to get and grab a coffee or some food.

More importantly though, I hope everything has gone well with everybody’s exams this year, I know that for Sociology students there was a Transformations exam today and for quite a lot of people it was their last exams…….I am so jealous! My last exam is on Tuesday because I took the Political Sociology module (for those of you who don’t know what this module is about, we study thinking like democracy, bureaucracy, nation states and totalitarianism. Very much looking at the political structures of society and the types of societies these create and the potential dangers of certain political structures). So far I have had a Relationships and Family Change exam (basically what it says in the title is what the module is about) and a Social Theory of Law exam. My relationships exam was 2 hours long and is 100% of the module you can choose to do an essay instead but weirdly, I prefer exams haha. I revised three topics for this because there is a question on each week so it is likely that you’ll get the questions you want but just to be safe I always revise one more topic than I need to. I hope it went well I answered questions on Divorce and Stepfamilies and I am feeling okay about them but I’m definitely not confident because I don’t want to get my hopes up.

My biggest exam was law because it was 3 hours, it is a 30 cat module and worth 60% of the whole module. We had to answer three questions, there are two sections and we can choose 2 questions from 1 and 1 from another but we can’t answer three questions in one section between it is two terms worth of questions. Because each section is only 5 questions each which have been narrowed down from 10 weeks worth of material, just to be safe I revised 6 topics some less in depth but just so that I have brief knowledge and in-depth knowledge in case some questions didn’t come up. I answered a question of Foucault, Animal Rights and Machine Rights so I hope it went well, cross-fingers.

So this weekend I am revising for my last exam, may as well give it all I’ve got now because it is my last exam and I really just want to feel good when I come out because it is will be the end of second year! Good luck for any students still in the midst of exams, I hope that you’re all as relaxed as possible and remember not to stress too much and do some nice things during revision breaks.

I will be posting another blog about my summer plans and some blogs for students applying to university this year but if you have any questions feel free to email me:

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