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myAdvantage: Events and Opportunities

So, I’ve just realised that I didn’t rave enough about myAdvantage in my previous post – after all, careers guidance is only one of its magical functions!

If you cannot be bothered to read that post, this bit is for you:

| Previously on ‘myAdvantage: Careers Guidance’:

| Shika recounts the various appointments she booked with careers consultants for careers advice, application feedback and strengths (personality) profiling.

In this post, I will cover:

  • Booking skills workshops and other careers events
  • Looking for internships


When it comes to upskilling, myAdvantage is the place to be. We can book places on events such as:

  • Skills workshops
  • Careers fairs
  • Workshops with employers
  • Programmes

I would really recommend going to these events, as they are free and they’re useful. Or rather than free, they’re covered by your tuition fees – what are you paying for, if you’re not actually using the services you’re paying for?

I’ve participated in a number of skills workshops (which count towards the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award, and I talk about my experience here).

Wanna be bring your A-game in Academics? Go to an academic skills workshop – I’ve found the scientific writing one quite useful (because yes, we still have to write in Computer Science).

Wanna understand others and yourself better? Go to an emotional intelligence workshop. (This is seriously underrated)

Wanna become the next Steve Jobs? That may be a bit harder to accomplish, but going to a workshop on delivering a pitch may help. I believe in you.

Of course, this year most events have had to move online. While it’s a shame that we can’t go to events on campus, online events can also present an opportunity – after all, we’re not limited by room size.


For those of you who have started looking for internships without having a particular company in mind, you’ll know that trawling through the web to check websites for each company that you can think of is exhausting and not very efficient.

There are a number of websites that I have found for general career information, such as Prospects and Bright Network. They also show opportunities such as internships.

And then there is myAdvantage, which also advertises opportunities – but here’s the extra stuff:

  • Some opportunities are for Warwick students only*
  • In addition to those offered by big companies, I have also seen adverts by smaller to medium-sized businesses in the region
  • You can also ‘follow’ employers (in a totally non-creepy way, of course).

*As was the case when I took part in Warwick’s summer internship programme (formerly known as WSI, but I believe a new one is being launched). The internships advertised in these programmes are intended for Warwick students, which means less competition. And that’s how I got my first internship at the end of my first year.

Even if I haven’t been applying for internships all year round, it’s been really useful to see the sorts of opportunities being advertised for roles and by companies that I had never heard of before.

If nothing else, this is a great way to explore.

This is cool, but I’ll think about it in Final Year

I mean, you could… but trust me: you don’t want to leave everything until your final year.

In particular, I recommend keeping an eye out for events in as early as first year. Find out what skills are valued by employers and what they look for in candidates in careers fairs, and then develop those skills through the workshops.

So there we have it. Now go forth and gain your advantage!

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