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My Unexpected First Year

So it is official, my first year of university is over. The time has absolutely flown by, and it feels like I was only moving in yesterday as I move out today. I’ve learnt a lot this year, and here are a few of the aspects of uni I wasn’t expecting before I set foot on campus back in October.

Everyone knows everyone

I thought university would consist of a daily crowd of new faces, as the sheer numbers meant you’d probably make a group of friends then stick to it. This isn’t the case at Warwick. Maybe it’s the size of the uni or the proximity of campus, but everyone knows everyone. There’s a flat where I know four different people through completely different links, but they all happen to live together. There are also people that you’ll know around campus for absolutely no reason why. During the ten minute walk to a lecture you might pass three or four people you know. While this kind of setting isn’t for everyone, I love knowing that on any night out I’ll bump into a handful of friends and you’re always meeting new people who know your close friends.

You will have to work

While uni certainly isn’t all work and no play, Warwick isn’t the type of uni where you can just party non-stop and still do well (or if it is for you, tell me your secret). The History department work you hard and expect a lot of weekly reading, and even more when there’s a pending essay due. First year is a learning curve and tutors expect you to take some time to find your feet, but get working early and you’ll manage better than in a last minute panic.

Sports Teams and Societies will be your family

I didn’t think I would become as close to the people I dance and compete with as I have. While it does depend how involved you get, when you see each other for practice three times a week with a further two socials, you’ll spend a lot of time together. I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made in the Warwick Devils and Warwick Tap which ended in some incredible end of term celebrations in the Sports and Socs Balls and I can’t wait to see what other mischief we get up to in the future.

Looking after yourself isn’t that difficult

One of my biggest fears about coming to Warwick was how I would fare when I had to do all the cooking and cleaning for myself. While my room would become messy and I’ve made some rather poor excuses for meals, there is no reason for me or anyone else to stress about this. You learn the tricks of the trade really quickly and while I’m no Jamie Oliver, I still managed three meals a day without issue.

Time is of the essence

I had planned my first year to be a year of binge watching Netflix while painting, reading and exploring the Midlands. There is not as much spare time as one might think. I threw myself into so many activities that even when I had a break from working, socialising or rehearsing, I was too drained to do much other than eat or sleep. This year has gone so quickly because it’s jam packed and so busy, with everyday bringing something new and exciting.

Those are just some of the things that I wasn’t expecting from my first year at Warwick, and I’m sure the next two years will be equally as surprising. There’s so much going on at Warwick that you won’t be able to help getting involved in loads and fill up the year with exciting and unexpected things.

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