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My Two-Cents on Final Year Job Applications

Simran Thakral | Politics with International Studies (PAIS) Contact Simran

As I just spent the whole day today working on a job application, I thought a post on this whole job-searching process would be appropriate. (Or more of a way for me to vent my frustration!)

There are days where I wonder whether I’m doing a degree in Politics with Job Applications! It’s quite stressful when you have to deal with you degree, the pressure of securing a job before you graduate, as well as wanting to have no regrets in your final year. All one can do in this situation is sacrifice sleep which, and I’m speaking from personal experience, is not the best of ideas!

Okay, that’s the rant over. Now to the more important stuff.

Obviously, we’re all really passionate about politics as we are considering/got into Warwick PAIS after all!(#shameless plug!). It’s fair to say, however, that more than a few of us will be aiming for a career outside of PAIS or academia. There will be a lot of pressure to apply to finance, consulting, or some of the top graduate schemes. For some reason, the student body at Warwick seems to be very corporate oriented.

Spoiler alert: This starts in the very first year and is not reserved to just finalists. People aiming for jobs in the banking sector, for instance, usually tend to apply for a spring insight week in their first year and a summer internship in their second year which they can hopefully convert into a graduate job- it’s all very intuitive.

If you’re into that, great! But if you’re not, that’s also fine. If I have to give one piece of advice for university, it would be this: block out whatever other people are doing and follow your heart. This is not to say that you cannot learn from other people’s experiences but just means that at the end of the day everyone has their own paths.

To be honest, at times I felt like maybe I should apply to one of the big corporates. It seemed like my odds would be higher to secure a job- they take loads of graduates (especially international students), their application process is clear and straightforward, and everyone else was doing it.

But then I realized that it’s not a competition of who can secure a job first or how many applications you can do. At the end of the day, it’s something you’ll be committing yourself to for at least the next couple of years so you should think carefully about it.

The PAIS career service, the CV check service in the Rootes Learning Grid, and the workshops organized by MyAdvantage are all great starting points. I would say try to go there early on for advice. Don’t leave it to the final year like I did (And thus have to sacrifice on some sleep in your final year!)

Simran Thakral | Politics with International Studies (PAIS) Contact Simran

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