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My trip to Milan

During my term abroad in Venice, I was lucky enough to visit many of the large cities on mainland Italy, including Milan. Due to time restraints, I only had time to stay in Milan overnight so I didn’t get to see all that the city had to offer but just the the interior of the train station was something for the eye to behold, not to mention that on the train I was sat with a model – a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Artou who modelled dog coats and was the cutest thing ever!

When you step outside the station, you are met with a scuplture of a large apple and the dominant height of the Pirelli Tower. As you venture further into the heart of the city, it only continues to become more beautiful. The first major sight I bumped into was the Sforza Castle, which now holds various civic museums and art collections. I entered one on the exhibits on Michelangelo, only to find that it was just one room with a handful of sculptures so beware on which things you pay to see if you visit!

After walking out of one of the entrances and coming out to a spectacular fountain, I walked around to the other side of the castle and was astonished by the view. In front of me was the Parco Sempione, which was an expansive park designed to emulate a Romantic english garden and is home to a large ponds, meadows, playgrounds, many types of wildlife and areas for relaxation. It really did transport me back home, especially after living in Venice and missing the vast amount of fields and green which surround me in my home county of Staffordshire!

At the end of my view stood the Arch of Peace, and even from far away, it too captured the beauty and power of the city. After walking around the park and collecting a few conkers, I decided to enter the Aquarium to experience something a bit different to all the art and architecture that I usually seek and I wasn’t disappointed! I then took a quick walk to the real centre of Milan, home to the magnificent and intricate Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is the huge shopping centre and another beautiful piece of architecture.

I did plan on going around the exhibitions in the Museo del Novecento, but the price for a single ticket was extortionate for some reason so I instead went into an exhibition on Japanese printmaking at the Palazzo Reale which is something I studied in my first year so I found it very interesting and different and I got to see the Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai which was well worth it to me! After that I headed to the apartment I was staying overnight in and I can honestly say that the people of Milan were the most hospitable and genuinely nice people I met throughout my time in Italy and I would really like to go back to Milan to see and experience more of it.

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