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my transition tips

I started my social studies 2+2 degree in 2015, I have found it really challenging at times, but have enjoyed every minute of it at the same time. I made the transition from Solihull college to Warwick University in October 2017and have just finished my 3rd year, so thought this would be a good time to share some tips I believe will help anyone preparing to transition this year.

  • firstly, don’t be afraid to take part in seminars! I took modules in sociology and philosophy, and at the beginning, I felt a bit like an imposter especially in seminars, however, I quickly realized that as a mature student we can offer a different opinion or perspective on certain topics and that we shouldn’t be worried about contributing to seminar discussion.
  • My second tip would be to make use of the CLL common room in the social sciences block, you will get to meet other CLL students who are happy to chat, offer support or advice, you will soon find that there are other students that have all been through the experiences you have.
  • Always check with your lecturer about whether they want a bibliography or reference list, the word spacing they like etc departments and lecturers can be different.
  • Keep an eye on tabula for your deadline submission dates and times.
  • Organise your time you may have five weeks off for Easter but you have a lot of assignments due in after this period, make the most of the time don’t leave things till last minute.
  • Make the most of your lecturers feedback sessions to talk about any concerns you have about assignments etc, and use feedback from assignments to help improve future assignments.
  • Remember there is a support section on moodle, click on CLL student support where you can access, general information, study skills, student welfare, technology and eLearning, and careers and development.
  • And most of all enjoy your time at Warwick there are plenty of activities and societies for you to join or get involved in.
  • finally, make the most of the services available whether it be the various workshops, IT support, or counseling there is always something that can help you progress if you need help or support with anything there is always someone that can help.

anyway, hope these help, good luck with your transition to Warwick.

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