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My top 5 favourite places in Leamington Spa

If you’re a fresher, you’ll be deciding where to live in your second year (same for second years deciding where to live in third year). So, I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite places in Leamington Spa, to give you an insight into what living there can be like 🙂 (I thought 3 was too few, 4 was a bit of an awkward number, so 5 it is!)

  1. Newbold Comyn – Located towards the east of Leamington, Newbold Comyn is one of my favourite places to go for a walk, especially in the summer. The sunsets are stunning and it’s a great place to hang out with friends, or have some quiet time on your own. If you enjoy running, this is also a great place to go.
  2. The Steamhouse – Now with two locations, the Steamhouse is my go-to for lunch in Leamington. They sell a variety of bagels, as well as coffee and sweet treats. Although it might not necessarily be within a student budget for lunch every day, it’s a nice place to go when you want to treat yourself (I personally recommend the CBA – chicken, bacon and avocado, on the specialty bagel)
  3. Tea Society – This one may not be for everyone, but for the bubble tea enthusiasts out there – I’ve got you. Although there is another place which sells bubble tea, it doesn’t compare to tea society. I love to treat myself to one in the summer, especially during exam/assessment season, as it always cheers me up. There are so many flavours to choose from, it’s a gem hidden in plain sight if you ask me!
  4. The Re-Useful Centre – If you’re a thrifting fanatic, here’s one for you. I only recently got to know this place through a friend, but I know you can find some hidden steals in here. Although Leamington is home to many charity shops, the Re-Useful Centre is another cool place to shop second-hand (for a good price too!). You do have to take time to look through everything, and you may not find anything you like, but sometimes it pays off and you come home with a few things you really like.
  5. Swirls – I’ve saved the best for last. In the summer Swirls is the place to go for ice cream. Located in Victoria Park, this place has the best ice cream flavours in town and is a great place to go with friends!

I hope you try some of these out, and find your own favourite spots too 🙂

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