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My Top 3 Tips For Making Friends If You Live Off Campus

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Before we know it, it will be once again time for Warwick’s Welcome Week. Although this concept is relativity new to the university, I can imagine that it fills prospective students with a variety of emotions. I experienced Welcome Week for the first time last year and this was definitely true for me. Making the decision to live off campus and commute to Warwick each day seemed like an easy one for me but I did worry about how this would impact my ability to make friends on my course. So, I’m going to use this post to give you my top 3 tips for making friends if you live off campus.


1. Find a Group Chat 

I’ll admit that when I turned up on the first day of Welcome Week, I was a little dismayed. It seemed as though everyone on my course had already become the best of friends due to living in accommodation and taking part in events such as social drinking. I neither live in accommodation or drink (for reasons I don’t feel I need to justify, maybe that’s another post) so I immediately  felt like a bit of an outsider. However, it wasn’t long before someone invited me to join the Facebook group chat for our year that had been created in my absence. This was a game changer. I suddenly felt like part of the cohort and all of my insecurities began to melt away.  Also, as I now near the end of my first year, the group chat has been incredibly handy for sharing our thoughts, questions and revision tips! See if you can find a group chat before you arrive or if there doesn’t seem to be one…create one!


2. Talk to People

This may seem obvious but it really is easier said than done. To begin with, I felt really strange about striking up a random conversation with someone. This isn’t like me at all. I think it was because I felt as though everyone had already ‘clicked’ with each other and it was too late for me to join the fold (even though I only joined them all a few days later). My greatest piece of advice regarding this matter is to just bite the bullet and talk. Chances are, there will be others who are just as nervous as you. Also, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t become part of an individual group of friends as you’ll end up talking to everyone! For anyone out there who is considering becoming part of the Film and TV department at Warwick, I found the following to be great conversation starters:

“What is your favourite genre of film?”

“Who is your favourite actor/actress?”

“Which course module are you most looking forward to?”

Of course, you also have generic questions pertaining to name, age, hometown, nationality etc!


3. Use Welcome Week to Your Full Advantage

Alongside events that the university has to offer during Welcome Week, your department will also put on events. Depending on the subject that you are studying, these may be example lectures, screenings or even pizza and beer! I cannot remember whether such events were compulsory or not but I really do urge you to go. Not only are they incredibly fun, they are also a great chance to get to know both your lecturers and peers better. These events also give you a taste of what’s to come and help you get settled in to departmental life. After all, university is very different to school or college!


I hope these tips on how to make friends if you live off campus have been useful to some of you and I will catch up with you all in my next blog post!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Film and TV Studies, Disability
Find out more about me Contact Ellie

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