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My Term Abroad in Venice

My Term Abroad in Venice

Venice was one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen and I had the opportunity to actually live there for 10 whole weeks! It is true that it has a charm and mystery unlike any other city in the world and it never gets boring, especially with the threat of (high water) at any time. The Italian people are also lovely and greet you whenever you walk into a shop, something very odd for the British to get their heads around when you first arrive and get used to having tea withdrawals if you don’t drink coffee. The sheer amount of history, culture and art that Venice possesses is unparalleled by anywhere else and it is so nice to just go for a walk and get completely lost and end up stumbling upon some beautiful churches, views, galleries and shops.

My experience abroad made me much stronger as a person emotionally, physically and mentally as it was challenging at first to be in a foreign country so far away from my friends and family and my home and the intense amount of walking is a shock to the system when you don’t exercise as regularly as you should! It was also sometimes difficult in terms of getting university work and study done as the Wi-Fi is not very reliable and it wasn’t just a short walk to the campus library like I was used to.

But, honestly, it was one of the best experiences of my life, despite the struggles, and it allowed me to grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible. By about the second week, I had learned how to get around Venice with ease (it’s easy once you find the right signs), I could speak enough Italian to order things from the deli counter, I was already feeling fitter and healthier, and surprisingly, I was coping well with being away from my loved ones and truly enjoying Venetian life. So even if you have worries about travelling, living or studying abroad, it will always be fine and probably even better than you ever imagined.

There were so many highlights of Venice that they are impossible to completely list. The gorgeous weather, sunrises and sunsets are amazing and the water shines and dances under the light of the sun. St. Marks Basilica is just stunning, visit the museum upstairs as it’s well worth the 5 euros but to see it in all of its glory, go to a mass because the lighting on the gold mosaics is breath-taking. Visit the Frari and Santi Giovanni e Paolo churches for some striking architecture and a surprising amount of art. The Biennale was another obvious highlight and although we had 10 weeks, it was nowhere near enough time to see all it had to offer. You can find hidden gems all around Venice so just fully immerse yourself in the city and you’ll never be bored!

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