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My Summer!

It’s finally here! My second year of university is officially complete and now I can relax and enjoy my free time. In this blog, I will tell you a little bit about what I will be doing this summer, in terms of holidays, work, social life and preparation for next year.

  • Dissertation preparation- so I have decided to do a dissertation in my final year. After you complete second year, you will receive an email asking you to fill out a form, explaining what your dissertation will be about and the method you will choose to conduct your research on said topic. You will then be assigned a supervisor, who you will work with and who will guide you throughout the process of developing your dissertation. This summer I am going to do some literature research on my chosen topic to find out other opinions and examine other research to give myself an overall view of the attitudes and results that have emerged surrounding my idea.
  • Part-time work- as usual, every summer I work at a part-time job. This year I will be working in retail as I have acquired a job in Leamington called ‘Bravissimo’ and have been working there since February. I have luckily enabled a transfer to the same company store closer to my home. I will probably be working there 3/4 times a week and earning some money for next year.
  • Fitness and Health- unfortunately, since Netball is finished at university for the summer I won’t be continuing it at home. Instead I attend David Lloyd gym, which is down the road from me and I plan to get my fitness back up each week and eating healthier. I can’t go long without doing sport because I love it so much and I will be excited to get back to Netball in my final year.
  • Social life- already I’ve met up with all my friends from back home, which has been lovely. I have no doubt that I will be going on nights out, meals, cocktails, lunches and having sleepovers throughout this summer. Me and two of my friends are going to Friends Fest, which is an event similar to the Harry Potter Studios (but not as grand) for the comedy series F.R.I.E.N.D.S that I am obsessed with. As I am working in Manchester this summer, I am excited to explore the city properly and hopefully explore the nightlife as well!
  • Holidays- technically I already had a holiday this year because in Easter I went to Iceland with one of my closest friends. I went to the Lake District last week with two of my flatmates which was so amazing, we had such a cute time and couldn’t stop laughing the whole holiday. This summer I will be going to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a week with my family, I am so excited. For those who don’t know what this is, basically different groups are split up into dance, musicals, theatre, opera, comedy, etc., and perform over 25 days. You can literally go for however long you want and see whatever performances you want, I’ve always wanted to go so I’m so excited for that. To finish off my summer I’ll be going to Almeria in the South of Spain for a week with my friends from home, I need to top up my tan haha!

So this is me for summer 2017! This is probably going to be a bit of a quieter summer as I am saving to do some travelling after I graduate next year! I hope that you all have a fabulous next 3 months, stay safe and enjoy yourselves! See you all next academic year.

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