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My Summer Plans

Hello everyone, now that I’ve finally caught up on sleep it’s time for my summer to finally kick in! I’ve only got a one week holiday planned in the Lake District (I haven’t been since a baby). I climbed Snowdon a couple of years ago for charity and absolutely loved it, even though the weather seemed to be changing every 5 minutes. Usually, my holidays are filled with sunshine, sightseeing and relaxing so I’m excited to finally enjoy some of the prettiest areas of the UK. But it is forecasted to be stormy all week, yikes!

However, summer for me always needs to involve working to pay for the stagecoach bus pass and other essentials for my year. I am doing the same as last year and working with disabled children for 5 weeks throughout July and August. I will only be working from 9:30am to 3:30pm so I still have plenty of time to see friends and also play for my local netball team. I loved the work last year and it was pinnacle in me deciding that I wanted to teach. It threw me in at the deep end and I thrived. Last year I also tutored some A level Biology to test if I could explain difficult concepts and this year I am in the midst of organising work experience in different types of school for September and early October.

Over summer this year I’ll be visiting some friends who are on internships when they’re in a city close to where I live. This means that with plans with home friends and uni friends I have one free weekend in August so my summer will fly by. I plan on updating my CV and starting on my personal statement ready to apply for PGCEs. So far, I have organised the points I want to include based on teaching guidlines and how my different experiences demonstrate how I could achieve each of them. However, there is a limit to how much I can do until I have obtained more classroom experience.

I’m planning a future blog series on exam results day, preparing for university as a fresher and preparing for second/third year. It’ll feature the essentials to bring and the best way to make sure you can keep up with lecture notes. The exam results day will mainly focus on clearing and what to do if you didn’t quite get what you expected. Some sneak preview news is that Warwick currently offers some clearing places.

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