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My Summer Job

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

I’m moving into my new house for second year in just a few days! Meanwhile, I’m reflecting on what I’ve been up to over the summer, particularly the five weeks which I spent working at a children’s summer playscheme in my town. My job role was to be in charge of all the teenage volunteers who help us out, as well as to provide general assistance in making sure that everything ran smoothly! The children who came are from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as foster care, or have behavioural or learning difficulties, so it’s a really worthwhile and rewarding job as you know that you are making a genuine difference to their lives and ensuring that they have a much better summer than they would otherwise. It’s really fun too as every day is so varied. We do craft, sport, cooking and swimming every day, but we also have visitors come in (such as a magician, a storyteller, a baker, a circus workshop) and go on trips (to the forest, the beach, a nature reserve, a farm and a gymnastics academy).

I previously volunteered for the same playscheme for three summers when I was 15, 16 and 17 so I already knew how it all worked and it was great having the opportunity to go back as a staff member and getting involved with a different aspect of running it than I had previously. I hadn’t been to a job interview in over a year as well, so it was good to recap those skills when I had my interview back in June!

Even though it was an extremely busy five weeks which left me exhausted beyond words (I have spent most of this week so far recovering), I had so much fun. I get bored really easily if I don’t feel like I’m doing something with a purpose, so I struggle in the summer if I don’t have a job – plus the money I earnt has definitely come in handy as my student finance won’t be coming through until the start of term at the beginning of October, yet, like many other second and third years about to move in, there are several bills that need paying already!

I’m hoping to get a part time job on campus alongside my studies this year. I chose not to in first year as I wanted the chance to be able to get used to the idea of being at university, and before starting I had no idea how full my timetable would be or how much free time I would have. However, now that I’ve settled into university life and know what’s going on, I think that this year would be a good time to hopefully secure a little part time job to save up a bit more money too. Until next summer, when I should be returning to the Club 99 Summer Playscheme once more!

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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