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My ‘Sprint’ experience

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In this blog I’ll be telling you a bit about a programme I attended in Week 0 of this academic year called ‘Sprint’.

What is sprint?

Sprint is a programme for female undergraduates at Warwick. It predominantly focuses on personal development. This includes building your confidence, assertiveness, developing your own goals and much more.

Why did I sign up?

I signed up to sprint because developing my own confidence was really important to me. While coming to university has hugely helped with this, I thought that if there was a chance to gain some valuable advice as well as branch out and meet new people, it could only improve my confidence further! The chance to meet many new faces was really exciting, as in my first year I didn’t attend many societies so hadn’t met many new friends outside of my flat and course. As well as these factors, I essentially thought, I’ve got nothing to lose, and could really gain something from this.

What happened during the sessions?

I attended 3 full day sessions in Week 0 and will attend one more in Week 10 of Term 1.

The activities and topic discussions varied each day (I won’t give too much away!). One thing I really liked was how we sat in the same ‘home’ groups each day, which allowed me to form some strong friendships from the outset. We did, however, frequently move around the room and talk to others, so I was able to interact with many new people! A definite highlight was listening to the guest speakers each day. They were really inspiring and helpful with regards to sharing their own experiences and answering questions we had. We were also provided with some useful resources to take away with us, containing all of the key information so that we can read over and refer to it whenever we want!

You can find out more specific information about the programme (including how and when to apply) on the following website:

What did I gain from the experience?

Not only did I gain some friends for life, but since attending the programme I have found myself being more assertive in daily situations. This includes saying ‘no’ more often when I don’t want to do something, as well as not feeling guilty about expressing my own opinion and standing up for what I think is right. The programme focused significantly on reflective thinking, and since then I have taken time to realise my core values and how I want to treat others, as well as how to treat myself (i.e. stop giving myself such a hard time when things don’t go to plan)! I could go on and on, but I don’t want to give everything away! The main thing I do want to state is that sprint is about primarily focusing on your own personal development, and I feel that in attending it, I have done just that!

Why should you apply?

People apply to sprint for a number of reasons, which could include

–          Wanting to build confidence

–          Wanting motivation with regards to their future goals

–          Wanting a more balanced lifestyle


I hope that this blog has provided a helpful insight with regards to what sprint is, what it does and why you should consider applying!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Abigail Booth | English Language and Linguistics with Intercalated year Contact Abigail

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