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My short list of essential non-essential items for university and homesickness


When you are packing for your first year of university, or even when you are returning to Warwick after the holidays, it can be difficult to sort out what you should bring along with you, especially if you need to pack light. Once you’ve arrived, it can still be difficult to decide what to spend money on, and how to fill up your room and kitchen. 


While some items are very much necessary for any university student, there are others that are not strictly necessary or as obvious, but that I’m very glad I had during my first two years at Warwick, no matter how small they might be. 


1-   Food from home


Every time I fly back to Warwick after spending time in France, my suitcase is packed with things that I can’t find in the UK that remind me of home. This means that very often it has been full of a specific brand of chocolate I like, French candy, and just about anything else I (desperately) need in my life in England 🙂 Why is this non-essential but essential for me? It can sometimes be difficult to go back to uni after being at home for a while, so having familiar things around like food from where you come from can help make that transition smoother. During exams, when I was quite stressed and anxious, it was also really comforting to be able to reach for things from home. 


2-   Good mugs!


This may be a bit of an odd one, but like most of the other things on this list, it’s all about making university more familiar and less strange. And being able to make yourself a cup of tea/coffee in a lovely mug if you ever feel a bit homesick can be super helpful. 


3-   My own duvet covers/ bedding/…


If you’re starting your first year and moving into campus accommodations, you might be provided with some bedding, but I would recommend getting your own as well if you can (or bringing some from your house)! I lived in Whitefields my first year, and my room had pale yellow walls and a giant blue pinboard. The university’s bedcovers were also a pale yellow, and that colour scheme did not help make the room cozy in any way. Getting my own bedding helped me make the room feel more like my own right from the start, as well as more colorful 🙂 You’ll likely need them after first year when you move into your own off-campus accommodation anyway, so it’s a good investment!


4-   Favorite books/ movies/ TV shows


If you love to read, bring along some of your favorite books! Personally, re-reading books I love helps me take my mind off things when university gets stressful. Being able to unpack books I enjoy and set them down in my room also instantly helped make it feel more familiar and more ‘me’. Also, Law is a degree that requires a lot reading, and sometimes I just don’t have the energy to start a new book just for pleasure, so it’s much easier for me to take my mind off Law by reading a book I know well, so that I don’t have to think about it too much. Same goes for movies and TV shows (although that’s less about bringing them than it is about being able to find them somewhere online)! FRIENDS is always a favorite of mine, especially during revisions when I can use the episodes as 20 minutes study breaks, or whenever I feel a bit down!

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