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My regrets from my time at Warwick

As my time at university comes to a close, I’ve started to reflect on my time here. Whilst there is so much I have done, they’re still things I wanted to do but just didn’t have the time or energy to do so. Hopefully, by talking about the things I regret, you can not make the same mistakes I did and get the most out of your 3 years at uni!


Not doing sports from first year

I played football for the Musical Theatre society in my 2nd and 3rd year. This group of people became the cornerstone of my social experience at uni, and many of the friends I’ve made here will be people I stay in touch with following university. Furthermore, the benefits for my mental and physical health of playing football every week was a huge contrast to the lack of movement I did in my first year. The worst part is, I was asked to play in my first year, but never took the leap as I was honestly too fearful of not being good enough. In my final year, I’ve been voted most improved player and established myself as a starter every week, so I couldn’t have been more wrong. Just goes to show, sometimes your own self-confidence is the thing holding you back.


Not joining more societies

Similar to football, I wish I had joined more societies in my first year at university. I looked at going to events for HisSoc and RAG but never did as I thought I wouldn’t fit in. Now, having made friends with people in these societies from other means, I again realise this isn’t the case. Most people at uni are lovely and just want to have fun, and if I knew that I wouldn’t have let my own anxieties stop me from doing things which most likely would’ve greatly enriched my time at uni. 


Wasting my first year

A theme is really occurring here. First year, for me, is the time to take risks. Push the boat out and make some mistakes. The work is a step up, but it isn’t unattainable to have a vibrant and varied social life and do your degree. I spent most of my first year panicking thinking I couldn’t keep up with the work and isolating myself, and now I look back, I see how much fun I could’ve had if I hadn’t placed these constraints on myself.

As you can see, the common theme for me is taking risks. University is a scary place to come to, and you only make it worse by holding yourself back. Throw yourself head first into everything and really push yourself to do things outside your comfort zone. By doing that, you give yourself the best shot at enjoyment and avoiding having regrets. 


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