Hi everyone,

With A level exams finished and results day approaching, you will probably fit into one of these categories:

  • Firmed Warwick
  • Insured Warwick
  • Intend on applying through clearing (although there are very few courses available through clearing)
  • Intend on applying through adjustment (like I did!)

I thought it might be useful to share my experience of the process; particularly because there is very little information available on adjustment since a vew small number of students make use of it:

So, adjustment: This is for students who exceed their original firms offer, and are then able to apply to universities with higher entry requirements.

Prior to results day, I made a list of potential universities and courses in case results didn’t go as well as I had hoped for. This is a fairly simple process since universities release their clearing vacancies a few days before results are released.

However, information on adjustment places are much more difficult to find – since there is no official list like you get with clearing (recommend The Telegraph’s clearing vacancy list).

When I found out that I was eligible for adjustment, I went onto UCAS to apply for it – you simply need to press the apply button (which will be made available to you on results day if you are eligible).

I then contacted three universities which I had researched before results day; and knew I liked (one of which was Warwick), I called them up an enquired about the adjustment process for politics – and recieved offers from all 3. Each of the three universities gave me their own deadlines for me to confirm whether I wanted to accept the place (usually about 3/4 days maximum, do note that despite the deadline, places may be on a first come first serve basis). As I had undertaken a sufficient level of research regarding Warwick; on the overall atmosphere and the PAIS department, I confirmed my place via email later that evening. I then received confirmation the next day, both via email and on the UCAS website.

More specifically; I found the staff at Warwick to be extremely helpful; I contacted them a few times throughout the day regarding things like accomodation and student finance to make sure that I am making an informed decision. They answered all of my queries, and sent me various emails to ensure I had the same amount of information as students who originally firmed Warwick.

During the weekend, the university also organised an open day for students who applied through adjustment or clearing; which was also really helpful. I had the opportunity to explore campus, the nearby area, the various accomodations and speak to current students. I definitely recommend attending, since it will most certainly help ease any nerves you may have!

On campus accomodation was guaranteed to everybody who applied whether that was through adjustment/clearing, or students who placed the university as their firm/insurance. Do note that this may change, so it would be worth asking just in case. I was lucky to be offered a place in my first choice accomodation (Rootes – definitely the best, not biased at all…), however, even if you aren’t I wouldn’t worry at all – I have friends across campus and they are all on the whole happy with their accomodation even if it wasn’t their first choice.

Things to consider:

You only have 5 24 hour periods to use adjustment

You cannot apply if you recieved an unconditional offer before firming

Only accept an offer verbally if you are 100% sure you want to firm the university – unlike in clearing where you apply and then universities confirm, in adjustment universities are able to confirm your place straight away using your student ID.

All the best for results day!

Shanita 🙂 xo